Looking for partner for my first rp!

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  1. Hey guys, as title reads, I want to start doing some fun rps with you guys!

    Here are just some of my preferences:

    I can play any gender, and I prefer rps that aren't solely romance (there can romance but not just romance).
    Not looking for stuff that involves 18+.
    Don't play yaoi or yuri.
    Don't really care for post length.
    I'm also okay with playing multiple characters, though I prefer no more than two main characters.

    If it says anything heres some rps I did before:
    -prison break
    -Island survival (+ romance)
    -Human experiment runaway

    :bananaman: post post post
  2. What kind of story are you wanting to do?
  3. I'm up for pretty much anything. A story there's a lot of action, something like the ones I listed above.
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Thread Status:
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