Looking for partner for hypnosis themed RP

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  1. Hello.
    I'm looking for a female partner for a hypnosis themed RP.
    Keep in mind that I'm hoping for a long term and to know the partner more then just a partner but as a friend as well, I believe that the more two people know about each other the better the RP feels for both.
    I'll do my best to reply a lot and make more then one-liners.
    I'm still not sure if it'll be master-slave or mistress-slave or what, but I'm open to suggestions, now keep in mind that the ratings are just my own - I'm a very open person and can accept anything else that isnt there, with the exception of gore.

    if there's anything you'd like to know just ask away, hope to find someone.
  2. sounds interesting :3
    any details to the plot?
  3. Not really, wanted to make it with the partner, I do have some basis but that depend on who's what, or we can do switch which is also interesting.
  4. well why don't you send me a pm with your basic ideas and let us look at it :3
  5. Still looking for partner.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.