Looking for partner for fantasy RP

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  1. Let's test the water

    Basically I've got this idea:
    "In time immemorial, there was once a Hero battling against the Dark Lord and his minions ravaging the world of Man. After a long, arduous journey, the Hero managed to slay the Dark Lord with the price of his own life. The Dark Lord swore to rise once more and have his revenge against the Hero and the world. In return, the Hero vowed to return as well to stop the Dark Lord's plan. Thus the two fell together."

    The world is set a long time after that. The Hero's journey had changed from historical fact into legend, told only as children's tale. Signs of the Dark Lord's awakening had appeared here and there. Thus the High Mage sent a courier to find the reincarnated soul of the Hero aided by the <<stone of blue>>, mysterious stone passed down on royal bloodline said to glow when it got near the Chosen one of Light.

    Any interest in this kind of cliche? expect plot twist~
  2. :'O It sounds pretty fun. I'm interested~ :'D
  3. yay someone finally replied~ :3

    so...what should we do next O_o
  4. Are you still interested in doing something with this or no?
  5. I'm interested :3
  6. Lol x3~ Uh i don't know o^o Maybe planning?
  7. okay, let's plan it :3 I'll send you some PM