Looking for partner (for a long time)

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  1. Hey there. I've been looking to rp more so that's why I'm posting here. I like or am willing to try most genres though lately I've been in the mood for some sci-fi romance, particularly if that involves androids or artificial lifeforms. (the rp does not have to be either, I'm merely suggesting) Please don't throw an entire novel's worth at me. XD One paragraph is the my limit, two or three lines is my preference. A few lines make the rp move more quickly and leave a lot more open to happen in my mind. Anyways, any genre and perhaps a bit of plot if you have some ideas would be lovely, as I prefer to get a basic plot idea and let it develop itself, though if you want a long, well thought out plot then please do let me know.

    I'm generally online from 5-10 on weekdays for the most part, a bit later on weekends and I try to answer as much as possible. I'm okay with all pairings (male/male, female/female, female/male) but if you want a more mature rp then tell me ahead of time.

    Thanks for reading!
  2. -raises hand- I'll do an android rpg with you...I've never done it before...sounds fun! =3
  3. I'm up for a rp and I'm willing to work on a sci-fi romance based rp.
  4. Great! What sort of sci-fi did you want to go for? Cyborgs and androids are my favorite but I'm willing to try out other things.
  5. I'm up for aliens but cyborgs and androids sounds interesting. I'm curious about how you use them since I never did that many sci-fi rps.
  6. It depends. Generally my android characters have a full set of emotions and depending upon the storyline depend on their owners or some overseer, or they're completely independent. They also can have fun abilities. My cyborgs characters are for the most part independent though I have some storylines where they're made from clones and are brainwashed. Cyborgs are interesting because I believe that they could be subject to prejudice, especially since they usually stand out from the crowd.