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  1. I am finally back and ready to RP! The genres I prefer are Modern, Horror, and Fantasy. I would really like to do an anime-ish like Fantasy, but if you would like to do something else maybe we can mesh our ideas together (I'm very open minded). Oh and I am a nut for romance so yeeeees it's gotta be in there somewhere! I don't do Furry so no thank you and I usually play a girl, but I can be a boy if you can convince me. Since school is out for me and that nasty term paper is done, I can post maybe everyday, but NO PROMISES. My brain doesn't function like it used to and sometimes I get in a creative slump >_< I can post at least 2 paragraphs on my good days and I expect at least one paragraph out of my partner (I need something to work with) unless there is not much to say. Hmmm that's about it I think! You can reply below if you're interested or better yet, send me a PM! Thanks~
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