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‘Ello, everyone~ Dusk is lookin’ for some people to roleplay with! I’m pretty laid back and I don’t have any super strict rules / guidelines or anything. All I ask is that you be patient with me: I’m a college student so during the week I’m not a very fast poster. Also, I want to roleplay with people who can help me carry the plot! I’m not very aggressive at moving plots, but I’m no passive player either, so if we’re gonna play together, let’s work together to make it a fun experience, yeah? With that in mind, here are some of plot ideas I’ve been dying to play~

I should also note that the settings of all these roleplays are pretty vague, but half the fun of roleplaying is being able to sculpt and worldbuild the setting around us – or at least, I think so! Again, if we roleplay together, we should be able to freely brainstorm and toss ideas around with each other, so don’t be afraid to put that thinking cap on!

I don’t have a preference as to what role I take for each roleplay (unless stated), so you’ll have the first pick!


[ARRANGED MARRIAGE, M/F] In order to bring peace amongst two warring kingdoms, an arranged marriage is forged between the prince of one kingdom and the princess of another. The prince is arrogant and haughty – his people have been oppressing the princess’ people for centuries, and this ‘marriage’ does not bring peace, but only asserts their dominance over the princess’ people. The princess, from the struggling, poverty-striken kingdom, has been waiting her whole life to marry the prince. She is a force to be reckoned with; she is physically stronger, quicker, and swifter than the prince, and could end his life in a heartbeat. Granted, she wants to find a peaceful way to make life better for her people… The quick-witted princess grows to care for the haughty prince, and begins to wonder if he can be reformed. Is killing him the only way to stop the violence? There has to be a better way…

[F/F OR M/M] The idyllic town of Hollowlyn was peaceful, serene – until Dulanoth, the High Dragon, struck. It raged and pillaged, bringing down its demons upon the town, until apparently, there was nothing left. Two people survived the attack, losing everything they had in the process. The two decide that they must end Dulanoth’s rampage, and journey to stop his evil. Along the way, the two become stronger, and eventually develop feelings for each other. The fun part of this roleplay is just playing in a medieval fantasy setting, battling monsters, etc. I’d really like for this to be a slash roleplay too, so let me know what you think!

[M/M OR F/F] A simple roleplay that takes place in a small, rural town. Two characters coincidentally move in from the city (or maybe one character is a city person and the other already lived in town), and get to know each other. A peaceful, slice of life roleplay, somewhat based off Harvest Moon – they’ll little festivals they can take part in, and do simple things like pick apples together or have picnics, etc. Come on, you know it’s a cute idea~

[M/F] The Bandit King is known throughout the lands for stealing from the rich and giving back to the poor and penniless, and yet, he is the most wanted thief in these lands. One day, the Bandit King decides to kidnap the princess of their kingdom, hoping that the King and Queen would pay a heavy ransom to get her back. Strangely enough, the princess doesn’t even want to go back home, and the King and Queen don’t even bother to pay the ransom.

At first, the Bandit King is pissed off that he now has this dead weight to lug around with him, but eventually comes around to liking her. He takes care of her (being a princess, she’s not used to living out in the wilds), and eventually she opens up to him and tells him that her parents are corrupt, and are the reason why the kingdom is in shambles. They are overtaxing the peasants, which is why there are so many poor people out on the streets. The Bandit King realizes that he must prepare the princess to lead a revolution.
I totally call simple life! 8D
Awesome~ I was hoping people would be interested!
I'm gonna send out PMs to talk about the plottage, asap! <3

In the meantime, Revenge Odyssey is still open!
DAMNIT! I was too slow! D:< *Shakes a fist at the others.*

I'll get you... next time... next time...
I'll take Revenge Odyssey, if you don't mind. It looks fun