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  1. I am brand-new to this website, but not to RolePlaying as a whole! I am looking for new partners so I decided to maybe see what I could find!

    While I am a female, I do prefer playing Male. I don't know if that is okay here but I can't see why not. Please feel free to let me know if anything I say is wrong, here.

    I also prefer playing MxM relationships, usually with another Female playing the male. That is just how I feel most comfortable. I just kind of like cheesy but still well thought out things. I want to develop a relationship between our characters and go with the trials and triumphs of that. We can work together to come up with their backgrounds and stories.

    I do not want this in a thread. Either maybe PMs or emails, just something not in a thread.

    If you have any fun ideas, please feel free to reach out!

  2. Hello I'm Peace and i also prefer MxM role plays i have a few ideas and a plot id like to try out if you are interested
  3. Sure! Send me a PM with what you are thinking, I'd love to talk!
  4. Hey, I umm. . . I saw you were looking and was wondering if you still were?
  5. Definitely am! Feel free to send me a PM if you have any ideas or just want to brainstorm together!
  6. I'm interested in rping with you. If still interested PM me.
  7. I'm interested in roleplaying with you! Send me a PM! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.