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  1. (I hope that I put the correct prefix here and put this in the right section)

    Okay, so I've had this idea in my head for about three years now, unsure what I've wanted to do with it, or how to write it. I've decided that I'll probably never get around to writing it fully, so I thought I'd give role playing it a shot, if anyone is interested.

    Genres: Realistic, Drama

    Summary: Three or four seniors in high school get thrown together for a school project. They barely know each other and are from very different backgrounds. During a quick shopping trip to pick up supplies for the project, one of the group suggests that they pool a few bucks and buy some lottery tickets for shit and giggled.

    They win.

    They all agree to keep quiet about it until after they graduate, then they decide what to do. Once they have everything sorted out and agreed on, one of the group decides that they want to run away for the summer, and invites the others to join them.

    That's all I have for the plot right now. The rest would be up to the group if they want to sneak away or stay behind. I'm just really interested in strangers-with-a-common-goal and road trip stories.

    Any interest?
  2. This sounds like a really good idea! Definitely sounds like it could be interesting, and I'd definitely be interested in roleplaying this out with you.
  3. Very interested. When I read that I immediately thought of a night my best friend and I plotted out what we would do with the lottery jackpot and decided on a summer of going from convention to convention in a bus or caravan of RVs.
  4. Cool! Okay, so I'm new here and haven't started a thread before. Should I set up an OOC thread to get things rolling?
  5. I'm new as well so no worries. An OOC thread would be a good idea.

    This sound so fun, cause my friends and I have made up thoughts about what we'd do! I'd totally buy myself a hot man.

    Anyways, @TypicalOddities, since this falls under the "realistic" category of roleplays you'd need to create a Realistic Sign Up & Plot Thread and then counterpart roleplay thread in the Realistic Roleplay Forums whenever you're ready to begin.


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