Looking for OnexOne LONG TERM partner.

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  1. Hey everyone! I'm SoullessAngel, and I'm lookin' for a long term rp partner.

    What I'm looking for:
    1) An Active Partner- They need to be on everyday unless they have a reason, if they have a reason try to let me know.
    2) An Active Poster- They need to post two times a day minimum when online, since I'll do much more than that if given the chance!
    3) Long Term RP- I want to do a roleplay that will last a while and will be exciting, generally including fantasy.
    4) Good Communication- My partner has to be willing to communicate off the forum (through Private message or other ways) and will be willing to bring up any problems with me. Good, clear communication between RPing partners tends to make for easier, better RPing.

    I do NOT have PMing privileges yet! So if you are interested, let me know via commenting. I have ideas for plots. If you want, you can check out my Roleplayer Resumé, and see if that helps with a decision at all. (: Thank you, and have a good day!

    PS: I play both Female AND Male characters, and my partner can play either(I don't mind which). I'm open for all sexualities.
  2. Hi, I'm interested. I'm open to anything really, so any particular plot craving you've got...hit me.
  3. I'm into Fantasy/Romance/Drama(Action) RPs. The one I had an idea for includes scifi, so I think it’ll be pretty cool. I got the idea from a book series about Avian birds I used to read, but I changed it dramatically, so it doesn’t need to book series anymore. (:

    The boy looked at his sister, the girl who had always protected him from them. From the ones that hunted and experimented their kind- their father and mother. But now she had given up, letting these “scientists” take them from their wooden home deep within the forest. This would be the last time they would probably see each other. Today was the last day he would ever know her. From then on, he would be nothing but a test for science, something to create a super-human race. The men kept a good grip on both of the humanoid creatures, lugging them into crates, and then putting the crates in sealed trucks. From there, the two had no idea where they were being taken- except for the notion of far, far away.

    These scientists take different non-human species and uses their DNA to experiment on them. They also experiment on humans using egg donors, and making a “test-tube” child. This is called “Genetic Modification.” It is highly classified, and highly torturous. The place were they keep non-human species tend to be cramped cages with no plumbing systems. They get one hour outside in the small, bullet proof dome where they can run around and get sunlight. Certain animals go through extensive testing and surgeries, and others and force bred with each other. Most of these scientists are either cruel or they lost feeling in their hearts from their work, and don’t care anymore.

    Except one. One scientist does care. He cares about all of them enough to sneak food to the malnourished ones, same with water. He also buys clean, better fitting clothes for the experiments. But he tries to distance himself enough that he doesn’t get close. Will he succeed, or will he fail? Will he get caught in his attempts to be kind to the experiments, and get fired? Or will he be able to continue his work?

    My idea was the girl from above gets separated from her younger sibling(who's about 8, and she's maybe in her teen/late teen years), and the scientist who's kind ends up falling for her. You could be either character(doesn't matter to me). Thoughts, opinions, tell me to shut up and erase my plot? Lol.
  4. I like this idea very much :D I'd like to play the girl, if that's alright. Would you still want her to be a birdy species? And any specific traits she would need?
  5. My idea was besides her being female and teens-late teens for age, my partner could choose the rest! For a character Skeleton I had in mind...

    Appearance(Picture, or description works)
    Biography/Extra Information

    Name: Doctor Blake Tripp
    Age: 20
    Race/Species: Human/White
    Experiment/Scientist: Scientist
    Appearance: http://i50.tinypic.com/1q37rd.png
    Biography/Extra Information: He was pulled into the field because his mother did it as well when it was first starting, and she did in an escape attempt from the experiments.
  6. Herlo.

    It seems to me that you are looking for more than one partner and if you're not disregard this message. I would be interested in an RP with you though IF you are indeed looking for another partner. :)
    I have a few ideas that I have been wanting to do, but if you have more that you would like to do (I read the one above and unfortunately it's not my cup of tea but I liked the way that you wrote it) then I would love to hear them. :D
  7. Hello! Yes, I am looking for maybe three-five partners, keep me busy (: If you have ideas, Shoot! Because that was my only idea. ._. And I'm always interested in hearing other people's! (:
  8. Dang you are like so close to being able to use PM's. I'll use those because they are long and just take up like the general area. Plus I got to find them. I know they are somewhere buried deep within the computer. I just have to use my prowess to find them!
  9. I know right.. Close but no cigar.

    And alright, sounds good to me.... Now to go write on other people's threads... And get PMs..
  10. Success is ours! I will PM you the idea. :D
  11. Righty ho, how is this one?

    Name: Lucina Sampras
    Age: 17
    Race/Species: Silver elf
    Experiment/Scientist: Experiment
    Appearance(Picture, or description works): http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/046/d/9/d924308cb655a249dc836e8c8319a4ad-d4pv4o2.jpg
    Biography/Extra Information: For the past few years, she has been looking after her brother, keeping him on the move at all times in an effort to escape capture. Quite a sensible character, but often impulsive, extremely loyal to her family. Also pretty ruthless when it suits her. Silver/moon elves are resistant to most diseases, and at night are very well camouflaged, unless they wish to be seen. They are also slightly stronger than humans.
  12. Sounds/Looks good to me. Do you or I want to star the post? (:
  13. You can! It is your roleplay, afterall.
  14. Why hello my (potential) friend, I am also looking for a long-term RP partner as well, I'm rather good at coming up with ideas and what-not, but even a really weird/bland plot with good characters can be really fun. (I have one that mixes the apocalypse with superheroes and super villains, it's one of my favorites XD) Anyways is there anything in particular that you're craving so we can have something to plot about?
  15. Hello sharpielemon.

    I am craving a multi-character(two or three) teen(but not including school) action/drama fantasy. I'd like to include romance between the main character- which would be one of mine, and one of yours. And depending on your views and how comfortable you are, any chance at LG couple? Also I'm hoping for something that keeps changing, but keeps the two main characters, even if all the other characters end up dying and changing. Something fun and exciting.
  16. Hello There,

    I am currently looking for a long-term roleplaying partner that will stay active with me. I am open to just about any plot, but I am going to come right out and say that I will only roleplay as a female. I've tried the whole male thing, and I am just not comfortable with it. Now that that is out of the way, what would currently have in mind for a roleplay, if you are still looking for one?
  17. I am online pretty much every day during the week and I can post often :)

    I have an idea in mind for a school for fairytale characters and creatures - there would be romance there as well. If you are interested, pm me
  18. Hello! I am very interested! I am a thorough, but reasonably fast poster, and am on most of the day every day. I would be interested in hearing some plot ideas, and would prefer to rp MxM :)