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  1. [​IMG]Hello, I am Haruka~
    - I am hoping to find a few RP partners (^ w ^)

    What am I seeking in my partner
    ▣ Frequent Well Written Replies ▣
    ▣ Good Grammar ▣
    ▣ Replies Longer Then A Sentence ▣

    What do I wish to do
    I want to have long term roleplays that last and get a good story and partner out of it all

    What am I open for
    I have no limitations as far as I know, I am fine with mature topics and don't mind hot scenes at all.

    Genres I enjoy
    ▣ Yaoi & Yuri (Male [x] Male or Female [x] Female) ▣
    ▣ Life Style - Don't have a better term for it
    ▣ Action and Fighting ▣
    ▣ Smut and mature content ▣
    ▣ Fantasy ▣
    ▣ For more info on genres check my RP Resume ▣

    Currently I am really big into Attack on Titan, Iwatobi Swim Club, Kuroko no Basket, and other anime so feel free to ask me about it. Bellow are my OTPs from each one but I am up for other ships.

    -Attack on Titan-
    ( I am really only RP as Levi from AoT)

    ▣ Eren [x] Levi ▣
    ▣ Erwin [x] Levi ▣
    ▣ Mike [x] Levi ▣

    -Iwatobi Swim Club-
    ( I am generally Haruka in RPs)

    ▣ Makoto [x] Haruka ▣
    ▣ Rin [x] Haruka ▣

    -Kuroko no Basket-
    ( I usually am Kuroko )

    ▣ Kagami [x] Kuroko ▣
    ▣ Akashi [x] Kuroko ▣
    ▣ Aomine [x] Kuroko ▣

    -Puella Madoka Magica -
    ( I normally play as Madoka )

    ▣ Homura [x] Madoka ▣
    ▣ Nanoha [x] Madoka ▣

    Common Plots I am up for

    ▣ Collage ▣
    Both of our muses would be college students attending the same school.

    ▣ Coffee Shop ▣

    One of our muses stops in for a drink and finds the other as the server.

    ▣ Reincarnation!AU ▣

    (For an AoT RP) Levi is an thug, living off the streets and the poor side of town before he collapses and your character finds him.

    ▣ High School ▣

    Both muses are students in high school - We go from their.

    ▣ Underground Fighting ▣

    My character is an underground fighter and yours may be whatever you wish.

    ▣ Mature Plots ▣
    Any sort of smut is fine by me if you are up for it

    Romance and Mature Content
    I am fine with anything you are up for, so any sexuality or kinks you wish to try out I am fine with.
    *I generally play as a male unless I am writing for a Yuri (Female [x] Female)

    ...Sorry that was so long...
    ...And awfully organized... >w<;
    Anyways~ That's about it.. If you want more in depth detail and things, please feel free to check my Roleplayers Resume.

    Thank you so much for reading and if you are interested in RP please feel free to PM me~
    Or I suppose you could post on here as well - It all works out in the end ^w^
  2. I'm interested. By "life style" I assume you mean slice of life?
  3. I suppose so ^.^
  4. Drop a message and I'll brainstorm with you.
  5. [​IMG]

    Coffee shop
    High school
    And I wouldn't mind AU

    PM me? (✿◠‿◠)
    Note: I generally play Uke
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  6. Can I marry you ?
    Sorry ....
    ▣ Collage ▣
    ▣ Reincarnation!AU ▣
    ▣ High School ▣
    ▣ Underground Fighting ▣

    I am up for anything and some ideas for the plot I have. I am new, but I assure you I have experience in role-play, sort of. I prefer quality over quantity so I will guarantee that my post wil no't be long, a 66%, maybe into middle.
  7. College yuri sounds like fun, if you're still looking!
  8. Oh, what about a college yaoi with Makoto and Haruka? ♥♥♥ Your taste in everything is amazing, by the way!
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