looking for one or two smutty role-plays (m/m or f

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  1. Mostly I really, really want to use my stupid, ancient OC in something. At this point I don't care much what that something is! 8( He's very adaptable. Ideally something dark, though. I fancy the idea of him being a street rat that ends up in a precarious situation with someone who was kind enough to take him off of the streets - whether that be indentured servitude or something else. Or something involving petty rivalries. I dunno, man - if you have an idea that he might work in, just shoot it at me. I'm open!


    I mean, 'I'm open' applies to anything else. Don't even need to use that character. I like dark themes, yeah, but I'm also currently about that fluffy, comedic life. Just hit me up with yo ideas.

    Elements I like:
    - (Tw)incest [sibling/sibling only]
    - Heat/oestrus/knotting
    - Dramatic age differences (no character younger than 16, though)
    - Hurt/comfort (basically my favourite thing)
    - Monsters
    - Feminine boys topping macho men
    - Bossy/dominant bottoms (aforementioned stupid, ancient OC is definitely a bossy bottom)
    - Older women teaching shy virgin girls what they know
    - Ambiguous genitals/futanari (specifically the 'gal has both an innie and an outie' kind)
    - Tying into the above - oviposition (but only!! if none of those eggs get fertilized)
    - Coercion/black mail
    - Cross dressing

    Shit I really don't like:
    - Parent/child incest
    - Anything you'd do in a toilet
    - Daddy kink
    - Pet play
    - Pregnancy/m-preg/children pls no

    Otherwise, there's my House Eros page that goes into more detail about what I like and don't like.

    Some important things to note about me:
    - I'm forgetful, easily stressed, and have weird rituals about replying to people. I never purposefully ignore anyone, I promise. Feel free to jab me if you think I've forgotten.

    - I'm not a rapid-fire role-player. I tend to write detailed posts and get distracted easily. My average is probably 3-4 paragraphs tbh, though that changes depending on the current pace of the role-play. I never churn out one liners, however, and I'd appreciate the same from you!

    - I don't really like to format my posts. I don't care if you do, but I just like to get to the meat of things.

    - I'm typically an aggressive role-player but I prefer not to have a submissive partner, you know what I mean? Let's work things out together!

    - Speaking of 'submissive,' I really dislike the whole seme/uke/dominant/submissive thing. I really don't believe that for a story to work you need a dominant and a submissive character. I mean, in bed it's one thing, but as far as personalities go? Submissive characters with no back bone are not fun to play with, imo. I love power struggles. Mostly, however, I like characters with depth.

    - I love to chat OOC. I like to make friends. I like to know my partners are as excited about the role-play as I am. I like to find songs that suite my characters and the story. If you like those things, too, I think we'll get along great.

    - I have infinite patience and I will never pressure you for replies. I understand that this is a hobby, and we all have real lives outside of the computer screen. If for whatever reason you're not feeling the role-play any more, that's just fine. I don't mind. I mean, I'd appreciate it if you let me know, but even if you don't, whatevs. It's no skin off of my back!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.