Looking for one or two ONExONE roleplays

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  1. I'm looking for a few people to roleplay with.

    When roleplaying I use at minimum two paragraphs and I really like detail. If you don't give me much to work with then don't expect me to give you much in return. I need someone who will keep up with the roleplay daily and is able to keep up with at least two different characters. As to plots, I'm very flexible and willing to make a compromise on anything. I will NOT, however, do yaoi ((I feel like I just botched that))... that's a no-no for me, sorry.
  2. If you don't do yaoi then does that mean you do yuri? Just wondering. I'm new to here, but I'm not new to role playing so I know what I'm doing and I can write at least two paragraphs a post. I aim for three to four per post though and I give details if the role play motivates me.
  3. Sorry I should have been more specific. I'm not really comfortable doing yuri or yaoi with people. I'm sorry. My fault. I should have been more specific.
  4. It's fine I understand xD lol. I'm sure other people probably weren't wondering. It seems like there aren't many people who do yaoi or yuri, but I don't know. Do you have any plots or ideas of something you want to role play?
  5. Hey man, I'd be interested depending on the story, etc
    I'll be able to keep up with it no worries, I've been on a hiatus from the site, but that was to do with personal problems which have been sorted out now so don't fret over my inactivity ^^
  6. I do have a couple of steampunk plots, but I'm open for anything if you have an idea that you would like to try?
  7. I'm kind of hoping that you know I'm a chick, lol. And like I said to the person before you I have a couple of steampunk plots but I'm open for just about anything and I don't mind if you would prefer to do something else. And it's okay if you have to leave, I just wish to have an explanation. I've had someone just leave without telling me that they were and it was a pet peeve of mine. But if you have personal issues its totally fine with me because we all have those problems.
  8. wondering if you wanted to do an rp with me?
  9. Sure of course ^^ is there anything you had in mind for a plot?
  10. Yeah I know, I can see on you profile :P I wouldn't mind a steampunk roleplay, sounds cool o/
  11. Sorry a lot a people assume I'm a dude even with my profile and you said 'man'... I know it could be used in many ways it's just a habit to tell people when they say that I'm sorry. And good! ^^

    1. A luxury liner airship has gone missing in the uncharted territories, and one of the passengers is the daughter of a local nobleman. The characters are offered some generous sum of money to go and retrieve her. The only problem-- The daughter has already been found, by a hostile tribe of warrior nomads!

    2. A mining company has set up a series of shafts at the edge of the uncharted territories hoping to dig out as much gold, silver and arcane technology as they can. But when miners start going missing, they contact the characters and offer to pay them to track down and eliminate whatever it is that's down there. What lurks in the depths of that dark mine?

    Those are two ideas I had. If you have another, feel free to add ^^
  12. Yes i got the idea from the movie push and i really wanted to do something like that. So basically its in Japan. There are a few rare people that posses a special ability.
    Pushers: Able to plant thoughs or memories into peoples head
    Mover: Has Telekinises
    Wiper: Able to erase memories
    Now basically my chatacter has dosent remember anything that is going on or about his ablility( Mover) and that people are after him and trying to kill him because of a case that he is " Suppose to have". Your character basically saves his life and when you character gets a good look at my face you realize that you know me and we had a " Thing for eachother" ( And you kinda hate me). You happen to be a Pusher and you team up with me to help me regain my memories and recover the case that everyone wants/ [ Romance/Action] ( Sorry for rambling my mind just wanders and my fingers start typing)
  13. Yeah I know. I've seen the movie before. Perhaps change the plot a little bit though?
  14. Okay what do you want to do to the plot
  15. I don't know. Maybe a totally different objective. Other than retrieving the case and keeping it safe, what other objective could they have?
  16. No I don't really have any ideas. What are your two steampunk ideas?
  17. Or er I mean plots not ideas xD
  18. xD that's fine.
  19. They both sound great. I think I like the 1st one better.... Or maybe the 2nd, which one would you want to do?
  20. Well... I guess the second one? I like them both, lol.