Looking for one or two MxM partners

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  1. I have two general ideas that I would like to try. Neither are very fleshed out at the moment so if you want more details before we start role playing we are going to have to brainstorm.

    I have three characters that I would like to play for each idea. I don't expect you to play three or more but please at least double so I'm not talking to myself all the time
    (I have one gay, one pan, and one straight characters)

    I don't have high expectations about posting. Just please write more than one line and please make whatever you write understandable. If I have to read it more than three time to get the picture I will ask you to rewrite

    My characters:



    My ideas:
    The first I call Cirque du Freak... But the more I think about it the more it turns into a traveling strip club... But it's full of supernaturals

    The second is royalty based. Lots of thing could happen with this one but I'm going for an X-Men vibe set in medieval times
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  2. I'm keen! Though not sure which plot to pick XP would have to work on them as you said ^_^
  3. I'm interested in the Cirque du Freak