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  1. I’m looking for a 1x1 partner, as you can tell. So, let’s get down to it.

    What I'm looking for in an rp partner:
    - Can preferably write 3+ paragraphs. The more, the better, really. :3
    - Decent use of spelling and grammar
    - Responds often, or often enough

    So, personally, I can write a lot, to be completely honest, but I can only write as much as I’m given to reply to. So, there you go. I’ll do MxF or MxM, I don’t really like FxF. I can roleplay over rpnation PMs (Queen Mei), email (jerboa9505@hotmail.com).

    On another note, if you want to mix plots, I'd be fine with that. Violence? I'm fine with that, too (since I have no limits). I have no limits on word use, but a little limit when it comes to extreme violence (i.e. slowly piercing large metal hooks through someone's skin). I can also do side characters/multiple characters. I tend to like MxM and FxM, but I will not do FxF in addition to the other two. I'm also certainly not new to roleplaying. I'm pretty much desperate for some new one on ones, hopefully my ad will be answered and kindle some roleplays that won't die off.

    What I’m up for: (If it’s bold, I really want it)


    Anything that would make the best sitcom ever.


    Patient x Psychiatrist

    Bully x Victim

    King/Prince x Servant

    Alpha x Beta/Omega

    Prisoner of war x Enemy

    Enemy/Allied Knight x Prince

    Woman x Brother in law (Cheating relationship)

    Runaway x Family kid/Only child

    Without a plot-

    High school



    Slice of life

    Forbidden romance

    Someone finding their muse

    Omegaverse (With Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. Preferably MxM)

    Gay/ BxB / Male x Male

    Christmas romance

    Ghosts/Imaginary friends

    Singe parents/Pregnancies





    Mental disorders



    (TV Shows)

    How I Met Your Mother


    With A Plot/Part Of A Plot-

    The Dudes In Debt- So, first off, Character A and Character B go to college, graduate and end up here, in New York. Their apartment, right over a bar called McLaren’s Pub, is going to be rented out by a few people (Number of people decided in the roleplay). So, a bunch of guys at work in New York, trying to pay off college debt (one or two may not even be paying off college debt, just debt in general. Preferably college debt. XD) move in together. Much like a sitcom, their personalities clash somehow, but they’re still friends. What happens when two of these brand-new acquaintances start to have mutual romantic feelings towards each other?

    The Prince’s Problems: The prince is an Omega. In a world where everyone is an Alpha, Beta, or Omega, Omegas aren’t considered fit for royal rule. It is rare for an Omega to be on the throne. There is, however, an Omega prince destined for the throne. This would be a roleplay between the prince and some other being of the castle, and him opening up about his struggles with his father, being an Omega heir, etc.

    Note: You can suggest other things as well as one or a mix of themes here.
  2. Can you please be more elaborate on how often you expect replies?
  3. If you're still interested I'd love to. Maybe over email? Mine is jerboa9505@hotmail.com, if you want to do that,
  4. How often do you expect replies?
  5. Well, at minimum once a week. The more active, the better, but we all have lives.
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