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  1. Yeah, my name is Ultima. I spend most of my time being bored staring at the Iwaku Roleplay page. Or if I am not sitting around being bored, I type out a few sentences as a post, and then resume my boredness, and stuff like that. So I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a little one on one roleplay? I think it would be pretty nice having a one on one roleplay because then I wouldnt have to wait for a surplus of RPers to post before making my reply to them.

    Genres I am Interested In: Fantasy, SciFi, Blah Blah Blah anything pretty

    Genres I don't like: Nothing bro, come at me.

    I really do need more RPs to join though. I am not kidding...
  2. I am always looking for a new rp. I am usually mature writer. Just because I swear and am often explicit. If you are too young then I will reel in. I am mainly a fantasy writer. Go ahead an pm me
  3. I'm always good for another rp. I dont really have any ideas at the forefront, but I can easily collaborate ideas! If you're interested, shoot me a pm. :)
  4. I'm interested. ^^

    Genres I Like: Fantasy, romance, werewolf, vampire, furry and medieval.
    Genres I don't like: Horror, sci-fi, zombie and adult.

    So, are you up for it? x3
  5. I have a few ideas you might like =3