Looking for One-on-One or Small Group...

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  1. ... done in chat, Skype or AIM Chat.

    My fandoms are in my profile, but they include Harry Potter, Star Trek (specifically Deep Space Nine), Game of Thrones, Uchuu Senkan Yamato/Yamato 2199/Star Blazers, Lord of the Rings and Marvel (especially the mutant titles).

    Although I am not opposed to romantic/erotic play, there has to be a lot of story to support the relationship or I won't be able to immerse into that aspect of the play.

    I do not do modern/realistic or anything yaoi, especially not slashing of canon characters from a fandom.

    My prefrences are very dark storylines and I tend to like to play either a Dominant male or a submissive female character if/when it gets down to romantic play.

    I'd be willing to consider an original world if it's well-enough thought out and detailed but I am kind of hungry for fanbased play at the moment.

    Hope to grab someone soon!
  2. Well I recall inviting you to join the original setting "Of Gods and War," but I think I recall you mentioning that it didn't seem to be your cup of tea, which is perfectly reasonable. That being said I wouldn't mind forming some kind of small group centered around fan based roleplays. Usually I find myself sticking to more original settings but if there were a group of people I could make friends with and write with, then my view point would probably shift. After all more than half of the RP experience, at least in my opinion, is the community itself.

    If you change your mind about "Of Gods and War" there is a group that I've created to help build the setting. I've already written several articles on the setting and it's peoples' in my forum blog. ^.^
  3. On 'Of Gods and War', maybe sometime, but I just don't feel like it'd be my thing. What fan-based stuff do you like?
  4. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Halo, Sliders, and Stargate SG1. I'm always willing to expand into settings I don't normally take part in though. As long as there is an interesting story and a chance for some creative writing I'm game.
  5. I would be very down for Potter or Game of Thrones. Do you do canons at all?
  6. I generally like taking on the role of a new character of my creation in an already established setting. I don't mind interacting with canon characters that people use, but I like making my own. So I guess the decision is whether or not we should do a Game of Thrones or Harry Potter roleplay. Which would you prefer?
  7. Potter will be easiest for me with OCs.
  8. Sounds fine to me. Did we want to set this up in the 1on1 section or....? Not sure if you wanted to involve more people, which I'm not opposed to doing.
  9. Let's try it as a Jump In. I'm a little too tired to make it tonight, but I'll go after it in the morning.
  10. My schedule is often flighty, But I'd be up for a chat RP. You made the mention of writing a Apoc fiction piece earlier and I wouldn't mind experiment a bit in the setting. If not that, I have a storyline for one similar set in San Antonio that never got off the ground. If not that, there's probably enough storylines floating about in my noggin that we could probably hash something together.