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  1. I just can't seem to shake that viable need for one more awesome wicked rp with another marvelous and talented writer!

    While I am currently in two active rp's with some brilliant fellow Iwaku'ers (word up... idk), I've been itching for another one to get into. Generally I am a big fanatic for things that follow around the fantasy/adventure styling with demons, and monsters and elves and all that glorious fun stuff; I enjoy getting the romance started between characters.

    So run down for me specifically goes a something like this;

    • IF I am really into an rp, I will and can reply up to many times in a day, but that also means you as my rp partner have to be really active as well, otherwise I will get extremely sluggish and then drop it. Keep my interest but I do understand life gets in the way. I am not a total hard ass.

    • I will never give anything less than two paragraphs, cause that isn't fair to anyone. I like to build like a story and that means the scenery and characters. If you can only post three sentences, don't look me up. Cause I will get frustrated at you. I am in this for the fun and the building of characters, lets make a story!

    • Romance: Is an key factor for my rps. I love it, but not that OMG i love you at first sight. And I am totally hetero. Don't push no yaoi or yuri at me. If that's your thing, awesome but it is not mine.

    • 18+. I am over the age of eighteen and honestly I don't enjoy swearing non stop, but sometimes that stuff just has to happen. Such as gore, and violence and blah blah blah. I am not into smut, but if a scene needs to be played out; I can handle it. It just takes a bit to warm up. So no go if your under 18, please and thank you ever so much.

    • Fantasy settings with magic abilities in the world or in the characters. I can do modern, but i get so bored of them very quickly. Sci-fi is new to me, its wicked cool but I am still learning so bare with me.

    • Elves, OMG love love love! And demons, and half breeds, there is just something about them that I love to work with and see others work with. (Oh and just so we get this out here now, LOTR.... no. Just no thank you please. Everyone has their own preference. LOTR happens to be not one of mine.)

    • I can do males and females, but I really like to work with doubling. I feel it is fair for both players if that's the case. (fyi, I am a female irl)

    • No children from the characters. I know that might seem a little callous, but when there are babies involved from the main characters, I feel it is weighed down. Not that I have anything against kids, love them. It's just not something I like to use in rps. Sorry if that's a pain.

    • I am not totally hardcore for grammar and spelling, we all make mistakes. I am an advent reader of my own posts and will often come back to fix my little mistakes, so if you can at least get the point across, sweet!

    • Swearing, Nudity and gore, totally fine with. I mean let's not go over the top but it doesn't remotely bother me.

    • If there is anything else, check my roleplayer resume, i can't remember everything. I know i seem picky, but trust me; I'm not. I am very laid back when it all comes down to it.


    Really... I am not a big fandom player. But there is a select few I will do. But in that same breath, I will NOT use Cannon characters.​
    • Legend of Zelda​
    • Fairy Tail​
    • Devil May Cry​
    • Avatar​
    I said I didn't play much lol.

    Well... if i haven't scared you away, PM me. I'll be around a lot, so with that I take my bow and leave the stage!
    Mana ~
  2. Oh myyy! I'd be interested in a roleplay with you! :D

    When you say Avatar, do you mean Pandora Avatar or Avatar: The Last Airbender? 'Cause I'd be up for either. [:
  3. @catalyst While I love Pandora Avatar, i could just harm it by trying to rp it. I mean TLA: Avatar, cause it is SO awesome. Love love love
  4. Yeah, I understand haha. But sweet, alright. [: You wanna message me and we can discuss it in PMs?
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