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  1. Hello one and all,

    I am a 38 year old storyteller. I greatly enjoy creating stories with others. However, I do have a caveat. I prefer playing with other players my own age or older.

    We just tend to click better. Also, if a story takes a romantic turn, I don't feel comfortable writing with younger authors. The characters we create don't have to be older, but I just feel more at ease and creative with someone who's has been around at least as long as I have.

    I am a woman, but I love writing male roles. If I write as a girl, she inevitably gets feisty, which can be fun too. I am open to most anything if the idea is original and reasonably well written. I make mistakes and don't throw a fit if others do too, but like any aspiring author, I do appreciate the effort to respect grammar and spelling rules.

    As for posting frequency, once a day is what I can promise to deliver. Sometimes I may be able to do more than that for several days and then, due to schedules and responsibilities, will have to go back to only one post. But I will commit to being faithful to at least one post a day. It would be nice to have partners who could manage a similar schedule.

    I believe I can have three stories going at a time without neglecting anyone. I am not a big fan of fan fiction, though I can do it if the story really captures my interest.

    I like paranormal and sci-fi concepts set in the future or the present. Not really into the fantasy or historical genres.

    If there's anything else you need to know, just send me a message!
  2. I am nowhere close to 38, but I understand the sentiment all too well. I’ve been storytelling for nearly fifteen years and been online for thirteen of those for role-playing experiences. There’s just something about having a sort of faith of a writing peer. Sort of like a safety net for RPing, I guess?
  3. Yes, something like that. Also it's about perspective. I have a different perspective on life than those of a younger generation. I know many folks in forums such as these are in their late teens and college years and at my age, well, it just feels like robbing the imaginative cradle. LOL.
  4. I can certainly relate. I started RPing table-top when I was 12 and to give you an idea of how long ago that was...Indiana Jones just had his first big screen adventure.

    I like survival RPs as well as Sci-Fi and slice of life.
  5. *laughs* Well, if you are looking for partners, drop me an IM! If not, we can just be friends and tell the younger ones to "stay off our lawns!"
  6. I'll drop you one later today. In terms of telling the youngins to stay off our lawns....yeah we can do that..once I have a nap or two. Happens as one gets older :huge:
  7. Yes, a nap sounds like a great idea. *yawns and turns on the weather channel for background noise*
  8. Welcome to Iwaku! I too prefer people closer to my age, though I'm fairly flexible with the range and am rather squirrely about what that actual range/my age is. I'm going to be a good friend and just put this here for your clicking pleasure. I think you'll find the thread (that of a friend of mine) to hold similar sentiments and tastes to yours.
  9. Oh it's so nice seeing more oldies around here. Most of the 30+ crew I know here I've known since we were the teens and the internet was the more the Wild Wild Web.
  10. Thank you kindly and I followed your offered link and sent your friend a message. We shall see! Many thanks for making me feel welcome!
  11. Ah those were the days! Thanks for replying. Glad to know there are other over 30's here. Soon I'll have to group myself in the over 40's! Dear heavens!
  12. Welcome! Here's to hoping you enjoy your stay.

    Also, I understand your concerns and request despite being nowhere near your chronological age.
  13. Many thanks for the welcome and I am already enjoying my stay here. I look forward to making friends with the younger set. I hope you might be one of them!
  14. Oh yes. Though I'm newer to this site, I am certainly not new to RP.
  15. What is your favorite types of RP?
  16. When it comes to genre, paranormal, science fiction, survival, war, horror or modern fantasy. In play, strategic and/or tactical. I love playing the "thinking" RPs with what I call "weird fiction" in mind.
  17. Hello, hello!

    While I don't mind playing with younger players - I'll be 50 next summer, so it's not a whole lot of choice whether to or not *grins* - I would enjoy rping with you and older players.

    You're right about the change in perspective when you rp in older groups of rp'ers as opposed to younger ones. You realize that not everything can be related to high school/college and there are other choices in relationships out there.
  18. Hallo Wren, welcome to the community! :D I am over 30 myself too, but I am probably forever 14 in my head. >>;