Looking for non-anime inspired modern/scifi rp. details inside.

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  1. I've had trouble all my life...

    My own roleplays are forever cursed. tl;dr=I can't write stories.

    And it seems that every other roleplay ever on the internet is just another naruto fanfic or poorly written weeaboo wet dream.

    I'm just looking for a roleplay wherein these specifications are met:

    -no names that are asian or asian-inspired without proper cause.*
    -no asian inspired settings
    -no animu pictures
    -setting is modern+ (implying that the time period be either modern times or anywhere beyond that in the future)

    This is about it for now.

    any questions will be answered.

    do not be afraid to advertise, I won't call anything out agressively.

    I respect people's tastes and if I dont really care to join I'll say so nicely.

    (*If perchance your setting involves, say, military import companies out of china, and you have a character names huang, thats fine. It's a warranted and explainable asian name.
    But dont give me a setting in 3015 america and give me some BS town called "Kanagi town" because that's just forced and stupid.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.