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  1. Hello, Iwaku. I'm looking for a few new RPs, and I've brought along a few new plots. But before we get to those:

    1: I'm not carrying these ideas and the plot development by myself, so please try to contribute.

    2: Regarding post length. I usually try to mimic what my partners put out. Its not quantity, but quality. I'd rather have a solid paragraph that moves the plot than three that fails to.

    3: I play the male role.

    4: Pairings: MxF.

    5: Plot/smut ratio: 70/30 about.

    6: If you lose intrest or plan on not replying for a while, please let me know. I hate it when my partners dissappear. I won't track them down with a gun and a vengence if they tell me they're dropping out.

    Now for the plots:

    1: As he travels through the land, an adventurer stops in the seat of the Kingdom of Cornelia, and is asked by the king to travel north and save his daughter from a rouge knight. The adventurer agrees, and sets out. He saves the princess and defeats the knight against all odds, returning to Cornelia a hero. A ball is held in his honor, and he and the princess he saved share the night together. The next day, the adventurer sets out again. For the next three years, the princess receives letters from faraway places from him, and word of his heroic deeds reaches her ears. However, when the adventurer returns to see her, he finds her betrothed to a noblemans son. Does she stay loyal to her betrothed, or follow her heart?

    2: During World War II, (or a currant naval manuver) an American ship enters a fogbank, but instead of simply escaping the Japanese (or other) fleet on their back, they escape into a new world. In this fantasy world, at the same time, a group of pirates (or other group, partners choice) escapes into the fog to flee their enemies. These two ships, two worlds, crash into each other. The American crew learns that they are in a new world, and becomes the tipping point in a war... But how do they adapt to it?

    3: During the Cold War, the ancesteral home of vampires falls under control of the Soviet Union. A vampiress joins the KGB, the premeir spy agency of the Soviet Union. During her training, she must do her best to appear human, and suppresses her vampiric nature. After her graduation, she is sent on a series of assassination operations to test her skills. When she completes these, the KGB gives her a new target: An American spy, responsable for the deaths of many Soviet operatives and the failure of dozens of operations. As she travels to London to eliminate him, she rediscovers her vampiric identity. Does she join with the American, or kill him for her masters at the KGB?

    4: For two thousand years, peace ruled. Nations disbanded their armies, seeing no need to prepare for a war that would never come. Now, it has been broken. One nation builds its forces and sets them to destroy all in their path. As the others reel from the assault, they learn of a rumored buried cache. They send an ambassador to an island farther from land than any other, in hopes of securing these weapons. The ambassador meets the guardian of the weapons, and she has to convince him to open the bunker, or the world will be destroyed.


    These are all OC/OC, unless stated otherwise. Canon characters can be interacted with. * signifies plots


    Alice in Zombieland * (If someone gives me an RP here, you can have my soul)

    Alice in Wonderland *

    Anything in the universe created by Tom Clancy

    Anything in the Mack Bolan universe

    The His Dark Materials trilogy*


    Stargate SG-1 or Atlantis


    Falling Skies

    The Strain*

    The Last Ship



    Borderlands 2*


    Soul Caliber*

    Ace Combat*

    I'm also up for crossover plots.
  2. I would love to do your first plot! ^-^
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