Looking for new rp partners!

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  1. Here is what I am willing to RP.

    --> Soft smut (nothing same sex)
    --> Vampires
    --> Fantasy (Elves aren't a favorite of mine, but other fantasy ideas will work)
    --> Modern

    Here is what I am NOT willing to RP.
    --> Hard smut or same sex smut
    --> Elves
    --> Animals
    --> Werewolves
    --> Scifi
    --> Western

    *** Anyone who is interested, please PM me with your idea. I am open to any ideas really. ***
    *** I will accept up to two players but no more then two, otherwise it starts getting hard to keep track of everyone and what's going on. ***
  2. I'll do some roleplays with you
  3. Great! :) Whaddya have in mind?
  4. Romance between girl and boy
  5. Okay, but what kind of romance between them?
  6. I don't know do you have any ideas
  7. Hmm. To be honest, not really. Maybe we could combine a horror and romance together? Make it a horrormantic? Lol. I dunno.
  8. Yeah that sounds awesome can I be the girl by the way
  9. Sure. Though I like to RP as a female as well. I'll see if one of my friends on Iwaku would like to join in and play the male with us. :)
  10. Maybe we could RP as two friends and go from there?
  11. yeah can u make it up
  12. Okay, I'll get something started and send you the link as soon as I can. :)
  13. I sent you the link to the RP. ;)
  14. there appears to be a problem im too young to be in the mature forum but if we come to detail bits we can do them through pm sorry im 14
  15. It's okay. We can just do a One X One RP then. If you want to you can start the thred. :) I might be slow getting something up.
  16. do u wanna make it mature and do it through pm when we come to the bits
  17. Nah it doesn't have to be mature.
  18. Hey there. I think you and I should talk! It sounds like we're interested in the same things. I'm new to the way things are run on this site, but I definitely love rping. Get back to me, I could come up with some fun ideas.