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  1. Hey everyone! I'm new here, but I'm experienced in roleplaying, so never fear. ;)

    I'm looking for some RP partners who have similar interests. I have a few plot ideas, but also will try yours if you have something specific in mind.

    I love roleplays with action and adventure. Combat and magic shenanigans are some of my favorites, and anything supernatural is great for my plot bunnies. Romance is also good to spice things up, but I'd prefer that there be other aspects to the plot.

    I basically always play guys, but will do both MxM and MxF.

    In terms of specific plot ideas, I have a couple--

    Supernatural Police / Something of that nature:
    This plot has a few possible variations. In any of them, the setting could either be modern [ i.e. urban fantasy ] or more classical.

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    Both of our characters would be 'policemen/women' for the supernatural world. [ They could be supernatural or ordinary humans; in fact, it might work well for one or both to be hiding abilities. ] Either way, they would then proceed to deal with a threat to the supernatural microcosm, such as a rogue demon or assassination attempts in one of the Sidhe courts or something like that. We could spin this one a lot of ways.

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    One of our characters would be an enforcer / police(wo)man, the other would be a criminal or slightly dubious underworld character [ your choice! ]. For one reason or another, the policeman would have to work with the criminal, though there would be mutual distrust for a while; ideally, this would then develop into friendship and trust, or romance if you'd be ok with that. Again, either or both could have / be hiding powers.

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    One character would be police, one would be a criminal. Through a new experimental program, the criminal is offered a deal for full commutation of his/her sentence in exchange for serving in the police force for ten years. The two characters would have to deal with their preconceptions about the other while solving some problem [ or multiple problems ].

    Another idea I have is that of a prince / princess and his / her accompanying bodyguard.
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    A sci-fi or fantasy empire [ your choice! ] is in turmoil. The current emperor is nearing his demise, and factions are jostling for power. Your character [ one of several possible claimants to the throne ] is in a precarious position. He / she has secret advanced skill at something that royals are not supposed to be able to do [ for example magic or spaceship piloting or etc ] and if it got out, that would be the end of any chance at the throne. My character is a loyal bodyguard, the illegitimate son of a powerful nobleman, with extensive training in combat. Though your character is not aware that he exists, he has been responsible for the heir's safety since birth. When an assassination attempt occurs, the two have to work together to survive.

    In any of these cases, you have your choice of character [ except in the last ] and I am open to story variations and twists. I'd also like romance, but it's not a must. ^^

    I'm also open to essentially any scifi, fantasy, or supernatural ideas. If you have one, or are interested in one of the above, post here or message me and I'll get back to you ASAP!
  2. I like the second idea :D I'd be interested in doing this as a mxm plot, since I've fallen out of practice playing females, but I can conform if needed ^^
  3. Great-- PMing you now! ^^
  4. Oh, I like both the third and forth ideas - I think more towards the forth than the other; but both have peaked my interest.
    Let me know if you have more background already laid out for these, or if we're to work those tidbits out in brainstorms. I'm up for anything amazing, and those two already has my plot bunnies hopping. :)
  5. Awesome! PMing you. :)
  6. I like the first one but i never did a rp like that but if you still wanted to Rp that would be great
  7. Cool-- inexperience is no issue, I'm pretty new to the genre as well. ^^ PMing you!
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