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  1. Hey Guys,
    I've been away from rping for quite some time. I've been busy with uni etc. It's now summer, I'm doing my own projects, and would like to get roleplaying again.
    I have a few characters. But, as it's been a long time, I'm also open to making a new one, start fresh, if the rp setting requires it.
    The 3 characters I have are in my blog space, but here are the... More 'complete' character sheets.

    Name: Uzachi, Zenoa

    Age: 20+

    Race: Demon Halfling

    Sex: Female

    Hair: Down to her hips, black and with streaks of white/grey, beginning to dread due to lack of maintenance.

    Eyes: A soft but deep brown normally. Can fill up and look like pure black orbs depending on mood.

    Skin Tone: Quite a darkish beige

    Markings/Tattoos: Scars along her arms from when her claws grew too long, and itching was an issue from frustration. Under left jaw bone is another scar and a mulberry coloured birth mark on her right shoulder.

    Clothing: Black, baggy, hand-me-down shirt with rips in. Combat jeans, black, white and grey, tight. A trench coat, slightly to big for her and obviously very old.

    Personality: Bad attitude at first, trying to hide herself, but can be childish, a part of her still trying to get a child-hood out of her past and make it a better one. Has a habit of ignoring people and doing what the hell she likes, having to defend her and her human brother. Rather flirtatious and forward. Plus generally Naïve, not in a trusting way, but may believe anything said. She has a mixed personality. Very conflicted and contradicting, makes her quite unpredictable. She gets angry easily, making it hard to connect with others. Unpredictable. Protective of those managing to get through to her and get close.

    Likes: Fruits, things easily found. Candy, it's a rather strange hate/like when it comes to sweets as she's not used to them. Singing in private, especially the lullaby her mother used to sing to her. Having fun whenever possible, this normally entails some poor crows being hit by stones and proving herself to be worthy of work.

    Dislikes: People considered as wrong-do'ers or unworthy of help.

    Weapon:Magic (Fades in daylight), fists, speed, and any simple blades she's collected over the years.

    Weakness: Water, thunder

    Family: Luther (Older brother)

    History: Born of a human father and a demoness mother. The father didn't realize his own wife was a demoness, now terrified, he locked Zenoa in a cage from her birth and kept away from her mother useless she was crying out to be fed. Her father drove himself near enough insane with grief and fear, shooting Zenoa's mother with a military revolver until she stopped breathing. Zenoa was left to watch and her brother only allowed to stand by his father's side and not act. Before her father was able to shoot her, Luther knocked him out long enough and ran out of the house with her in tow. After that, they both travelled on a boat and hid an old Celtic chruch, until she was old enough to take care of herself. She wonders the streets, while Luther remains in hiding, in case her father finds them. To keep herself and her brother safe, with all the pented up anger within her, she normally gathers money be killing off people someone doesn't want around. She'll only do it if she believes the person is truly unhelpable to make a better person, however. Won't kill willingly without any true reasons.

    Name: Marquis, Tim.

    Age: 173 (Looks around 20-25)

    Sex: Male.

    Race: Vampire (Non-sparkly)

    Hair: Black with red tips, often dyed.

    Eyes: Blue/Green, flicking to red during a blood-rage.

    Skin Tone: Pale beige.

    Markings/Tattoos: Scarred with a branding mark on his left, on his back. Several scars from the human years of abuse before the change.

    Clothing: Simple 'geek' attire. Large- baggy jumpers and shirts, and jeans that definitely need a belt to hold them up.

    Family: N/A

    Personality: Timmy is a cold kind of guy. Very logical and pragmatic, even still, very a-kenned to a startled cat. The type of guy you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of, or maybe even his good side. Very temperamental and hard-headed, even with his 'lovers' close to possessive. Too much of a wise ass for his own good sometimes. He tries pushing any human people away, in case of his craving for human blood. A real hit with the girls but he has a bad habit of ignoring them and hanging around with his two friends; Jacko and Hiiro, atleast in his human life. He likes to hide away as much as he can. Under this cold exterior is quite a childish person, blushing person. After being treated so roughly, he built up a wall to hide away behind.

    Likes: Being himself. Being a smart ass. Acting smart. Reading, drawing, solitary activities.

    Dislikes: Being outwitted. Boredom. And working.

    Weapons: The weak bit of vamparic magic at night.

    History: He can't remember much of his past. All he does remember are a few scenes of his Mother holding him, rocking him to sleep in her arms and humming, having a rather fuzzy view of her face, but focusing on a mother of pearl pendant before his eyes which he used to grab and suckle. He has a collection of memorabilia from his human life, a lot of things he can't put a memory too, but still feels the sentimental need to keep it, like it was important before, just doesn't know why. The last days of his human life were spend with his two 'friends'. They betrayed him, selling him as a pet to a Vampire to save their own skin. Years later he's still in that trap, nothing but a slave to his master will. Will you save him? Or will you be his new master?

    Name: Arnstein, Ingrid.

    Age: 13+ (Yes, I literally mean Lolita here)

    Sex: Female.

    Race: Human

    Hair: Dyed, often pastel colours, but originally brown, as you can tell when her roots start growing through.

    Eyes: Soft brown.

    Skin Tone: Pale biege.

    Markings/Tattoos: None.

    Clothing: Cutesy dresses, or shorts and t-shirts. Pastel goth style.

    Family: Richard, a very successful business man. Rochel, his doting wife. Single child.

    Personality: Sweet, childish, happy and oblivious to the dangers of the world around her. Incredibly gentle, but quite self-conscious. Not used to people due to being home-schooled.

    Likes: Cute and fluffy things, light colours, nature and long walks. Enjoying a prank or two on the house maids or home teachers.

    Dislikes: School work, except for reading, being alone and being confused.

    Weapons: Fencing sword, but she only knows how to fence, doesn't carry the sword with her.

    History: Richard and Rochel had a very hard time conceiving Ingrid. However when she was born, their lives went pretty much back to normal. House-maids, nannies and school teachers should be the ones credited with raising Ingrid. Richard, is away working a lot, keeping his business afloat and makes a point to not bring it home with him, but that just means he's away more than most business men of his type. Rochel is a typical Rich 'house' wife, though often out at the clubs, or salons, making herself useful by keeping the families social standing in order. Ingrid was home-schooled, so was given a lot of skills, like fencing, dancing ballet and learning the piano. Though the 'pastel-goth' style is her way of ever so gently rebelling against the aristocrat life-style without being too out-there. Often escapes on long walks around the mansion grounds out of boredom, sneaking out through a hole in the borders to see what's going on outside without a nanny trailing behind her and slowing her down. Alone a lot, so tries to look for friends or at least shops where she can be surrounded by people.

    I have a few rp ideas. Zenoa is straight, so only males for her, please. Tim... I enjoy doing yaoi smut roleplays with him. And Ingrid is definitely straight also. Any plot input would be great, but also happy to provide one.

    Hope to hear from you guys soon!
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  2. Hi, there! I would love to try an RP if you're still interested ^^

    I'm most interested in an RP with Zenoa, but I'm more than willing to try one with the other characters as well. Just toss me a pm if you're interested! Thanks!
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