Looking for New Role Plays.

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  1. I took a small break due to real life issues, but I'm back, with a brand new laptop!
    So, here I am, looking for new role plays.

    I have a few requirements for my partners though, so please read them before joining.

    1- Be able to write properly. To me this means someone who can use grammar, spelling, and punctuation properly.
    As for post size, I only ask that you meet my length, and post no less than 2 paragraphs.

    2- Be active. I'd like someone who can reply at least once a day, although every other day is fine too.

    3- Be honest. If you want to quit the role play, or you have to leave because of irl issues, please tell me.
    I won't care.
    However, if you leave without letting me know, not only will I be upset, i'll also probably bug you for an answer.

    I'm also requiring everyone to show me a writing sample, because I like to check to see if our writing is compatible.

    So, I'm willing to double, and play canons, as long as my partner is too.
    I do male/female and female/female.

    If the idea has a * next to it, I have a plot.

    Harry Potter:

    Luna/Oc* (f/f)



    The Hobbit:




    Percy Jackson:



    Tom Hiddleston/Oc*

    Original Ideas:

    Best friends in love*
    Cheating boyfriend/girlfriend*
    "Teen" Pregnancy (anywhere from 16-1[​IMG]

    So, that's all I have for now.
    Please let me know if you're interested.
  2. I would be interested in Ghost/Human or best friends in love.
  3. Okay, which are you more interested in?
    Or, would you like to hear the plots first, and then decide?
  4. I'd like to hear the plots first, please.
  5. Best Friends In Love:

    My oc lived in the same town since she was born, and her mother and your oc's mother were friends, thus our oc's grew up as friends.

    My oc moved in 9th grade, because her father got a job offer.
    Now, she's returned in 11th grade, and everything has changed.

    Her mother died, and her father became an abusive alcoholic.
    She's changed a lot too, and now typically dates douche bags.

    Your oc still cares for her, and they reunite, and slowly become friends again, but my oc doesn't realize she loves yours until he gets in a relationship.


    My oc moves into a new house that has been empty for some time.
    It's an old Victorian house that's said to be haunted, but my oc doesn't believe in that stuff.
    So, she goes about her days, and notices odd things here and there, and finally gets a scare when an evil spirit shows up and messes with her.
    Then your oc shows up to protect her, and he doesn't realize he's dead.
    They fall in love, even though they can't actually be together.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.