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  1. Hello there, Lillian Gray at your service.

    Before I start, here's a few things you might want to know about me. I love to write, even if my skills aren't top notch, I get pretty excited about plots and ideas, so never be afraid to shoot me a message if you have an idea as well! As for what kinds of things I like? Romance is a biggie, send it my way, and I'm all yours. Along with that, fantasy, sci-fi, slice of life, anything with a hint of mystery, horror, and humor is fine.

    If that doesn't sound good? I'm open to suggestions as well!

    These are some preferences and requests I ask of my partners.
    • Post regularly. Daily is nice, but if I don't hear from your for a a week or two, I start to assume you're no longer interested.​
    • If you are no longer interested, please message me!
    • Help guide the plot, don't just follow it. It would be both of our story, and we both have input to what we want to write and read.​
    • If you're stuck, send a PM, I'd love to either help, or just know you're going to be stuck for a while.​

    • I don't have a gender preference, male or female is fine.​
    • Love, love, love romance in a plot.​
    • Your standard posting length should be between 2 to 4 paragraphs at a minimum. One liners are not acceptable.
    • Intermediate level and above.
    • I will only post on Iwaku in a thread. No exceptions.

    Now let's talk plot.
    These are all previously made plots which are open and ready to go after some further discussion.​
    My Maiden

    Show Spoiler

    A Death Maiden, this is the title given to those who can commune with the dead. Men also carry the title, as a Reaper. Maidens and Reapers are taboo to speak with outside of their work, seen as ill omens and bad luck. This leaves our Maiden lonely, and constantly pestered by angry spirits. All except one. This spirit, she enjoys his presence, but love between the dead and the living is not seen as a healthy thing.

    War is raging, but this is not the story at hand. A Maiden is called to bring peace to the battlefield as countless die, their spirits rising in anger for their Kings. It's during this time that one such spirit doesn't leave, he stays, but she's unsure what it will bring.

    Please keep in mind, this is a very dark and serious roleplay. It deals with death left and right.


    Show Spoiler

    In the future, the human race developed a way of making life easier - automation. Not just any sort of automation, robotic, intelligent, and humanoid. In a time of great debate over the use of such machines, there is one girl who keeps a secret from the rest of the world. Her android, molded and crafted from her own hands, has a mind. He thinks, breathes, and loves. He doesn't always understand what it means, but she fully knows that the discovery of such a machine could mean the difference of life and death for the entire automaton race. Some would seek to have her android destroyed, but what they don't know is that there are more, more deadly minds in these robots.

    Saving You TAKEN

    Show Spoiler

    For this, I do have a preference for the female role.

    Friends since the beginning of time, he and her did everything together. There was never a hint of romantic intention, not really. They were more like siblings, partners in crime, together forever it seemed. College came around, and they didn't part ways even then, keeping close contact through the years.

    On a visit home the female decides to sneak out, her new friends don't really have her best interests at heart, and are of the entirely wrong crowd. In a twist of fate, both of her parents, and young brother are killed in a brutal break in. She goes to him, and she's broken, different, no loner the girl he knew as a child.


    Show Spoiler

    Daughter of an infamous gang leader, the female heroine acts the part of a vigilante in protesting the governments attempts to lower the population. Too many have been born to a limited amount of land. In order to curb the rising growth, the goverment has taken part in 'accidental' killings. They claim each one is an accident, but she knows the truth. When it is discovered that her father is one such infamous leader, he is executed for his crimes against the country. Now, it is up to the heroine to stop the killings once and for all, however she can.

    Other Pairings

    Royalty x Servant
    Royalty x Knight
    (Any royal based pairing)
    Pirates x Captive
    (Any pirates based pairing)
    Abused x Best Friend
    Suggestions are welcome!

    Assassin's Creed
    Fullmetal Aclehmist
    Game of Thrones


    Adored Themes
    Slice of Life
    Fairy Tales

    Disliked Themes
    Animals / Furries
    Angels and Demons
    Overly furturisitc

    Feel free to either PM me or leave a message! I will do my best to keep this list updated with what is taken.
    Lillian Gray's Example Post *An excerpt from a more current roleplay*

    A cry pierced the night like a sword against the throat of a mortal man. All manner of beast and human ran scrambling from the innermost heart of the royal palace, but not one made it past the entryway steps. One by one the collaborated screaming trickled to a sole voice among the masses. Soldiers waited with tall pikes in hand, backed by rows of archers ready to take aim. The sounds died out, the hollow ringing of fear left a stain deep against the black canvas of the sky, everything else stained red with the blood of the house Attacre. The cry was there, and all at once silenced by an unnamed hand.

    She was running, the handmaiden by the name Maeve cradled a redheaded child in her arms, she being not so old as to see her first days of womanhood. Tears as well as blood streamed down the front of the child's nightclothes. Maeve prayed to every God she knew, starting with those of her country. The Life Giver Daitel, the Life Taker Chale, every other name slipped through her tongue with no great amount of significance. They had nothing to do with the slaughter of innocents, and only life mattered now, so she prayed.

    "Hang on my sweet." Maeve cooed the child but only received desperate spouts of gurgled blood from the edges of her lips. Little Ellara Wittacre was dying in her arms and there was nothing she could do to stop the slaughter around them.

    "Duncan, get your ass over here, before someone finds us!" Maeve hissed back at a shadow darting just behind her hurried steps. There were four in their party total. One handmaiden, one knight, and two terrified little girls with no imagination left as to what was lurking in the halls of their home.

    The man had no reply for the angered handmaiden. He busied himself with another child, older than the first. Her blonde hair was thick with matted blood, her eyes wide in horror, never once did they leave her sister's face. Little Ellara was stunned and bleeding, Catherine could do nothing but watch.

    "Miss Maeve, where is Edward?" Catherine asked. "Where is mother, father, why aren't they with us? Who hurt Ellara?"

    "Quiet, child, we need to run. No more questions." Duncan, the knight of the group hushed Catherine with a jolt of his hand forward. In his opposite was a great long sword meant for two hands. The one would do, adrenaline left him with great strength. Catherine complained against his grip but didn't ask anything else. The girl was smart enough to figure when to hold her tongue and when to speak, court had taught her that.

    Only, this wasn't the court. The Lords and Ladies she was used to speaking with were dead on the steps of the grounds, the lone opposing voice was an arrow in their chest, and it was best Catherine never spoke up unless she wanted to join the popular opinion.

    Fire rained down from the sky and set whole rooms ablaze with such ferocity the stone itself began to melt off the high rising spires. This of course, was where the memory and the dream differed. Poor Ellara could barely discern from the truth of the reality and the false memories any longer. In truth, the buildings were never on fire to begin with. There was no mage summoning forth hell to burn their home, only torches to catch to the tapestries around the grounds. Those were more susceptible to the element. Stone didn't burn, wouldn't burn, not unless it was by dragon fire.

    Death was at her door, and only wanted to ease the pain with memories which seemed more grand than what lay in ruin around her.

    From what Catherine said, as Ellara never remembered, they fled to the main road with nothing more than the very clothes on their backs. For Catherine, it consisted of her pale rose colored nightgown and a pair of mismatched slippers. Her hair was all tousled, but she insisted she'd looked good in her apparel. She feared more for Ellara's safety than what she was wearing, and she always made sure to say so.

    The dream only continued in fire until the woods around them were red and distorted. Soldiers screamed after them, wolves sniffed the air to catch a taste of the royal bloodline, eager for the easy kill. None of it was real, the memories weren't there to justify the feeling of pain against her skin. It was burning, hot and cold all at once, the skin at her neck was cut jagged from a would be assassins shot at taking an eight year old girl's life.

    He'd failed, to Sir Duncan Kelly's great liking.

    Ellara woke with a start. Her hand slapped hard against her neck, only to meet the pink flesh of the botched attempt on her life. Tears started to spring from the corner of her pale blue eyes but good Maeve was there to stifle the familiar cry of pain which she long associated with the nightmare. The handmaiden's soft hands wrapped around the girl's mouth, knowing that a slip of the finger meant waking the entire Northern Wing of nobles. Ellara's shaking shoulders was enough to make her sigh with pity.
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  2. would mercenary and client or mercenary and target be of interest? or maybe a hate/love situation? if so pm me. also serial killer and and a wouldve been victim he some how fell for could be interesting?.
  3. I'll send you a PM
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  4. Are we still doing the medical romance, Lilian?
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  5. My apologies! Your PM was buried in my inbox. Let me send you another, and we can catch up. Again, so sorry.
  6. Hiya Lillian.

    I'm looking for one more OnexOne partner, and your excerpt caught my attention. I'm wondering if you are still looking for another partner? The idea of a Pirate RP appeals to me: perhaps in a Steampunk setting, with Airships and the like?

    Anyway, if I interest you at all, send me a PM. I'd be glad to have a chat, at the very least.
  7. I'll send you a PM soon!
  8. If you think you can manage a prestige-level roleplay, your "My Maiden" idea is rather ingenious. If not, I wish you luck on the hunt.
  9. As much as I would love to say I can handle prestige, I cannot. My skill level just isn't there. But, please, do feel free to use the idea if you find someone who'd like to do it, just put my name somewhere in there. Thank you for the offer, but, I'm going to have to pass.

    Just not prestige level, haha.
  10. I really appreciate your honesty. If there ever comes a time where you would like to roleplay, make sure to send me a PM. You may not consider yourself "prestige" quite yet, but if your example post is anything to go by I'd say you're well on your way.
  11. I'll be sure to keep you in mind, thank you.
  12. You're welcome.
  13. Looking for perhaps one more person, mention the phrase 'Skyrim themed rp' and I'll be yours in a heartbeat.
  14. I mean, we can try again if you want. Maybe I'll get more than a couple replies? :P

    I mean, I can think of a few Skyrim based RP ideas :P
  15. Apologies, the spot was taken yesterday shortly after posting the request.
  16. That's alright. Have a nice day.
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