Looking for New Partners for a Variety of Things

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  1. I've found that I've been hit with a bunch of creativity lately, needing to write. I'm looking for a variety of things and pairings, nothing in particular. I'd prefer to play the female in the rp, but we can double.
    I'm up for a femmeslash right now, like I really want one or more of those.
    I also do mxf.
    Any age group, though my characters usually go no older than 25. I'm okay with youngerx older pairings.
    I do fantasy and non.
    Preferabbly modern.
    Please email me at musicmakesmelove@gmail.com
    Or AIM me at musicmakesmelove
    I will not reply to any messages here or pm as my computer won't let me. I had to get on Internet Explorer just to submit this request. So, shoot me an email ^^ Thanks