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  1. Hello fellow roleplayers! I am trying to get back into writing and is searching for new and old partners.

    Also, below you will see my own plots and fandoms. We do not have to go by those plots, I have many more and I will be interested in hearing yours as well. It may look like that I am asking for a lot but I guarantee you that I can be lenient, a little bit. :)

    1. Must be able to post at least two-three or more paragraphs. I am an advanced writer myself, I cannot get by on one liners or one paragraph. Sorry, but just can't do it.

    2. Contribute to the plot. Please add your own twists and turns in the plot at hand, I won't mind. In fact, I would love you forever. If I wanted to write a story myself, I would.

    3. Detail. I crave detail in my roleplays. Add emotions, thoughts and descriptiveness.

    4. Character Development. This is very important to me as I love a roleplay filled with character development. Also, please be willing to play a male or female, even double if the plot causes for it. But it is not required that we double.

    5. Threads Only. I only roleplay throughout the threads but use the PM system as an OOC.

    6. Communication. This is very important. If you're going to be gone for more than two days, please let me know and I will show you the same courtesy in return. If the roleplay is not working out, I will say something or just please let me know.

    7. Romance & Drama. I absolutely love romance and drama in my roleplays. I don't want it to be the whole plot but at least have in there as the roleplay continues on.

    1. The Heart Does Go On.
    Girls like her spent their entire lives waiting for someone like him to come along. Girls like her painted pictures of men like him on the dusty floor beside their broken beds, saw his face in the water stains that grew and grew as the April downpours of London released their fury on the crumbling buildings. He'd lost something, she could see it in his eyes, but she wasn't there to fill the void. No, she was a revenge tactic, a last minute decision, a very bad idea. But girls like her dreamed of him, didn't they? He was giving her freedom, wasn't he? Or was it simply a more expensive noose, tightened around her neck? But girls like her...they dreamed of men like him. And so, without another moment of hesitation, she blurted out a quiet "Yes."

    This plot is centered around your character and his life, so it's VERY open to change. The basic premise is that he's a wealthy heir to some company, and his father had set up an arranged marriage for him in America. At the same time he writes him of the news, he also informs him that his mother has died. Heartless, cold, uncaring, your character cannot believe his father's audacity. In a fit of rage, he writes that he has already married the love of his life, and the two of them will be arriving in America soon. How will they get there? Titanic. Of course, we all know where that leads. There's also a slight problem; your character is not actually married. In a moment of panic, the day before the ship leaves, he walks into a brothel and meets my character. She's one of the higher end prostitutes, the sort trained in etiquette should a rich man wish to have company at the opera before he has company in his hotel room. That said, she's not entirely thrilled with her situation. He explains the situation, and promises her a life of ease if she'll tell a few lies and become his wife. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, so she agrees. The two are married one day, and they board the Titanic the next. Where it goes from there, well, we'll see. I don't want this to be a rushed sort of romance, or a love at first sight sort of thing. It's a business transaction, nothing more(at first). Think Pretty Woman meets Titanic.

    2. Forever Bound To You. The witch & rival vampire will be a shared NPC.
    He is a nearly 1,000 year vampire, living in modern times now and she is his lover, reincarnated into a twenty-three year old grad student. He wonders if she'll remember him or will he have to win her heart again. But the only thing stopping them both, is her best friend, who is the reincarnation of a witch who loved the vampire much more than his lover ever would.

    3. School Of Stars. This requires that we double.
    The school of stars. The school has a notorious reputation of making something of all their students. Only the best of the best are accepted into this high ranking art school. Actors, dancers, photographers, and singers alike have all gone to this school, and many return to help with lessons and demonstrations. It is almost fact that once you are a member of this school that you will get a career in whatever desired field you are going into.

    Though it is a highly sought after school, it is like an ordinary college in terms of lifestyle. Those from different walks of life, ethnicity, and interest live here. Parties are not unheard of, and sororities and fraternities are present. Our story follows the lives of 4 young persons beginning their life on their own.

    4. Born To Ride. Requires that we double.
    The _____ sisters are no stranger to living a rough life. They’ve spent their entire lives around drugs, motorcycles, and violence. The _____ name is something of legend in the world of Motorcycle gangs. Their grandfather started a Motorcycle gang in the 1960s known as The Street Kings. Now their one of the most notorious Motorcycle gangs, only rival by The Outsiders.

    Their father raised them with the idea that it was kill or be killed, teaching them to use a gun at a young age. It’s safe to say that the sisters are far from being damsels in distress. They could hold their own, their daddy taught them everything he knew, all three of the girls pretty much define the meaning of a bad bitch. However, despite the fact that they are sisters, both of them are very different, their hunger for danger though is identical.

    When the sisters fall for Members of their father’s rival gang, known as The Outsiders, life may get a little more complicated.

    5. Once Upon A Time.
    They both go to the same high school, though never crossed each others paths because they come from different social classes. He's your usual sports jock and she is your ordinary nerd. But the night of the dance, they finally meet and he is instantly attracted to her. But the thing is, she is wearing a mask to hide her true identity because she is afraid of what he would say. So, he literally stops at nothing to get to find out who this mystery girl is.

    But what will happen when she finally gather up the courage to tell him who she is. Only time and fate will tell.

    6. Hunted | Salem Witch Trials Reborn. We can double but not required.
    In Salem, Massachusetts, people thought that the witches and warlocks were dead long ago but some of them still remain due to their ancestry. People in the town of Salem are scared once again and demand that another witch hunt take place. The mayor of the town thinks that everyone is joking until he sees a possession with his own eyes then his belief hits a major 360. Thus, leading to another massive witch hunt in the town of Salem. What will happen when two witches(or a witch and a warlock.) team up and try their best to remain out of the situation of things?

    Fandoms: I have plots for almost all of these.

    1. American Horror Story | Murder House(Semi Plot), Asylum, Coven(Plot), Freak Show
    2. Game of Thrones.
    3. Harry Potter.
    4. The Fault In Our Stars.
    5. Pretty Little Liars.
    6. X-Men.
    7. Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra.
    8. The Purge.
    9. Teen Wolf.
    10. The Vampire Diaries.
    11. The Originals.
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  2. Hello! Although I'd like to do almost all of these, the first plot appeals to me the most. (:
  3. Not that interested in any of the plots posted, but I am a huge fan of Avatar universe - especially Korra times, seeing as it has more to do with technology. Would totally be up for a roleplay based on that. We can always brainstorm when it comes to plot.
  4. Bumping this thread~

    Added 3 more fandoms.
  5. Game of Thrones! What is your plot?
  6. All of these plots seem like they can be good fun, School Of The Stars sounds fun! Though I am always up for AHS or Harry Potter, Pm me!
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