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  1. Hi there guys and gals; just posting this to sorta notify all of you that I'm in the market for new 1x1 partners; I'm a fairly experienced roleplayer and a lot of you already know me :p but for those who don't, please feel free to read my bookmarked posts if you want to get an idea of my writing style/length etc.

    As for what the roleplay entails; I'm very open. If you want to do romance, I can do that. Action or adventure? I can do that too. In fact pretty much anything, just poke me with your ideas and I'll get back to you.

    Happy RPing everyone!
  2. Hmm, I'd be interested in trying something out with you. (:
  3. Shoot me a PM with some ideas of what you'd like to do ^^
  4. *wears a mask*

    Oh hurpadurp I just joined and I would like to RP my super kawaii highschool RP with you Jackie-Senpai pwettie pwe-


    Joking aside Jackie, I wouldn't mind doing some sort of Multiverse RP with ya, maybe some sort of spinoff. I don't really have any ideas on mind, but hey, I'm feeling pretty adventurous with ideas and whatnot at the moment. :awesome:
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  5. What kind of multiverse? Like what universe(s) would you want to do?
  6. Well, I was thinking of some sort of Murder Game spin-off, but perhaps an entirely different take on it being a 1x1. The standard formula for Murder Games is there always is traitors, but I'm feeling we should deviant from that. Why not, instead, make it more akin to surviving and adapting to the environment, such as, say, an island survival? This sounds a lot like it should be a Group RP, but I think we can make it work with a lot of focus on character interaction and a few background characters.

    Or, if you don't like this multiverse idea, I've been really craving some sort of dystopian, modern-esque cyberpunk setting with a totalitarian government trying to suppress Hybrids, humans with bio-mechanical implants that consist more of a computer rather than a human, both every hybrid is different. There is a lot to discuss about this one, but I was pondering on a lot of politics, intrigue, and clashing of ideals.
  7. @Reaper Jack I'm not certain about what I want to do, but I'll send you a PM of some things that interest me and we can discuss.
  8. I will rp with you ^^ do you do any fandoms??
  9. I would like to roleplay with you. ^^

    Maybe we could pm and get a few ideas off of eachother?
  10. @Nassione

    Yes I do fandoms; like I said, I do most everything, with only a few little things that are off-limits.


    Sure, just shoot me a pm with a basic idea of what you want to do or some ideas and we can develop it form there ^^

    Thanks for all the interest though people! Didn't expect to get quite so much so quickly :)
  11. Ok ^^

    Will do
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