Looking For My [Romance] Mate... (MxM)(FxF)

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  1. Uh, hello! This is quite the first time I have ever looked for a mate for role-playing before.. I'm a bit nervous but I hope my future partner would enjoy having my company as I will enjoy theirs!

    Anyways, I am looking for a mate who is willing to be my Fluff Romance role-playing (Yaoi/Yuri) partner. Either the actual gender or anyone that could role-play a male character for my silly role-playing. As to what to anyone had expect, it contains: Drama, Romance, Slice of Life (School related). But I have conditions..
    • Either the actual gender or anyone that could role-play a fe/male character.
    • At least have more than four or five sentences/lines
    • Have a little decent grammar, correct spelling, and neat punctuation without having to confuse me.
    I am not picky about it, but I respectfully would like it if it could sound a bit clear. Please?​
    • Post a bit more often whenever you're available if possible, even for the shortest time.
    • Inform me ahead of time, just in case if you are busy or it's necessarily important. (Send me a PM or Skype)
    Um, with that said: I have two plots of each that I have in mind if anyone is okay with these.
    But this is actually an OC - Original Character role-play. Plots will be shown and the role-play's titles reveal.​
    • Social Status : Money cannot buy happiness ( MalexMale )
    • Childhood Friends : Promise x Memories ( MalexMale )
    • Social Status : Princess meet her Knight ( FemalexFemale )
    • High School Development : Senpai and Kouhai (FemalexFemale)
    I hope I kinda made it clear but I look forward of working with you! Thank you! And yes, I'm open to anyone! Thank you! (The information of the plot will be given in the private message, so let me know with your suggestion too!)
  2. Wow. I'm such a bad girl. All four plots interest me, but especially the two fxf roleplays and the one about social status. But I doubt we could start three!
    Is there anyone of those three that you like in particular? Well, not that we couldn't start three roleplays, but I don't know if you're even up for that. xD
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  3. Oh, I'm so happy! Thank you for replying! <3

    Any plot is really fine with me, really~ I feel more comfortable to have my partner decide on which gender genre, yaoi or yuri, they like to perform in! Same goes for the storyline if it interest you or anyone else, by all means! And about that, we can do more than one role-play but one story gotta finish first, heh heh. x3

    With that being said, if the FxF Social Status story has spark to your liking, will it be all right if I send you a message and we'll discuss it from there? :3
  4. Yes, of course. Feel free to do so. I have my ideas.
  5. Certainly, I shall do it right away then~

    And I am still open to anyone who'd like to role-play with me on a sweet yet bitter romance road~
  6. I too am interested in doing one of the FxF RPs, if that's fine with you.
  7. Absolutely! Whatever my new mate prefer, I'm fine with it! Just do let me know what you want to suggest inside the story or do, we'll try talk things out from inside the message!