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  1. Hi :D I'm currently looking for more rp partners! I only do MxM rps, but I can play top, bottom, or switch, whichever my partner wants :) I have various fandoms I like, but I also have a couple pairings and AUs we could try.

    The character I want to play is listed first, you will be playing the second character.
    Fandoms (open)


    1) Dragon Age
    • Dragon Age II
      1. Hawke x Anders
      2. Anders x Hawke
      3. Hawke x Fenris
      4. Fenris x Hawke
      5. Fenris x Anders
      6. I might do a Fenris x Danarius rp, but it wouldn't be for the light of heart, and would be really dubcon...
      7. I might also be convinced to do a Carver x Anders/Anders x Carver rp, but I'm not sure of my skills at playing either of them.
      8. Hawke x OC (basically OC x OC but whatevs)
      9. Fenris x Hawke x Anders (I'm fine playing any of these characters)
    • Dragon Age Inquisition
      1. Inquisitor x Dorian
      2. Dorian x Inquisitor
      3. Dorian x Iron Bull
      4. I might be able to be convinced to play Iron Bull x Dorian, but I've never rp'd him before, so it'll probably be hilarious.
      5. I really want to do something with Krem
      6. Dorian x OC (before he joined the Inquisition)
      7. Inquisitor x OC
      8. Dorian x Inquisitor x Iron Bull (Again, I'm fine playing any of these characters)
      9. Iron Bull x Inquisitor
      10. Inquisitor x Iron Bull (I really want to rp this)
    2) Assassin's Creed
    • Assassin's Creed II
      1. Ezio x Leonardo
    • Assassin's Creed Rogue/Assassin's Creed III
      1. I might be able to do a Shay x Connor rp, maybe
    3) Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire
    • OC x OC
    • Renly x Loras or vice-versa
    4) Sherlock
    • Sherlock Holmes x John Watson (or vice versa, I've never rp'd either character, so I don't know how good I'll be.
    5) The Powder Mage Trilogy
    • OC x OC
    • I know this isn't a big fandom, but I will love you forever if I can rp this.
    6) Guild Wars 1 or 2
    • OC x OC

    Pairings (open)

    These can go with any of my fandom pairings, for the most part. If interested in having one of these with one of my fandom pairings, ask me first and I'll let you know.

    Brother x Brother
    Student x Teacher
    Prince x Prince
    Thief x Bounty Hunter
    Singer x Fan
    Student x Student
    Artist x Non-artist
    Writer x Editor/Non-writer
    Ghost x Human or Human x Ghost
    I kind of want to do an rp based around a circus.
    Stripper x Mob Boss

    Things I'm fine with (open)

    Food Kink
    Age Differences
    Nonbinary Characters
    Transgender Characters
    I am fine with any character of any gender/sexuality (except cisgender women, don't ask, I've got issues :/ ))
    Tragedy/Character Death
    Mental Illness (As long as it's done right. If you have a mental illness, you know what I mean when I say 'done right'. Source: I have mental illnesses).
    I love fantasy elements in non-fantasy genres. If we can play elves in a steampunk setting, or ANYTHING similar, I will love you.
    If you have a fantasy race you want to play, either one you made yourself or one you just want to play, I'm totally fine with that!
    If you have any kinks, let me know and I'll tell you which ones I can do :D

    No Gos (open)

    Boring Characters, any common tropes

    Genres (open)

    High Fantasy
    Slice of Life
    Dark Fantasy
    Low Fantasy
    Sometimes Sci-Fi
    Alternative History
    Historical Fantasy
    Modern Fantasy

    Rules (open)

    1. Be an active partner, don't make me do all the work
    2. Reply at least once every couple of days. I typically reply once a day, but sometimes it takes me a while longer than that because of real life stuff.
    3. Give me at least 4 paragraphs. I LOVE it if you post more, and I tend to match whatever my partner gives me.
    4. I love multiple characters! That doesn't mean that it has to be paired multiple characters, just NPCs or side characters are fine.
    5. Good description is a must! I put an adept posting expectation for a reason!

    If you got through all that and still wanna rp with me, reply here or PM me!
  2. I'm still looking! :D Rp with me!!!
  3. I'm still looking for rps :)
  4. Hmm, I think I'm interested! Not sure about plot or pairing but... I'm interested!
  5. Great :D wanna pm me?
  6. I'm interested. Especially in the prince x prince
  7. Ok :) pm me if you will ^_^
  8. Would you be interested in a Body Guard x Celebrity?
  9. Maybe :) can you pm me a sort of fleshed out version of your idea?
  10. Will do let me write one up ^.^
  11. I have a plot idea for a prince x prince pairing, if your interested?
  12. Maybe :) I just started one, so if your plot is different from that one, we can do it ^_^ pm me?
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