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    #2- Modern Supernatural Werewolf X Human (MxM) (Long-Term)
    The Concept: Character B is assigned to a new partner in Dallas homicide. It isn't long before he starts to think there is something very odd about his partner. A string a wolf attack murders start popping up from the city to the outskirt rural areas of Dallas, and his new partner just disappears for days at a time.
    Character A has been working previous cold-cases that involved the nearly same details as these new string of murders. But he hides two secretes, and one that could land him accused of the all theses wolf attack murders and the other is he's gay. Having been a in the 'closet' for nearly his entire life.
    Character B discovers this truth, what will he do? Even further, what would Character B do if he found out Character A's feelings for him?

    -Modern Supernatural Rules-
    ::Looking for Human Male only::
    ::Character age should be between 30-40::
    ::RP takes place in Dallas,Texas::
    ::No Anime/Manga Styled Characters.::

    ::Themes Players Should Expect: Romance/Drama/Survival/Religion/Explicit Sex and language/BDSM/Hard Core Gore and Violence.::


    OOC Rules:
    ::What I'm looking for and the Rules for Each RP are located under the Concept.::
    ::I'm not a spelling or Grammar Nazi. I expect for you to not be either.::
    ::No one liners. If you can't do one well formed paragraph, you'll need to keep looking. However, the more the better.::
    ::I would like at least FIVE (5) or more post per week to keep me interested.::
    ::I would like to play via PM. But willing to do Threads.::
    ::Character Sheet is required.::
    ::Players should be 18+::

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