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  1. okay so i have a weird idea and i have no clue if anyone would like to do this with me but i thought id give it a shot, it will be a romance/adventure/libertine.
    i do not do furry so dont get this confused with that, this is an abstract story by me
    this story is about the Hunters of hown, wolves with nine tails that watch over certain parts of our world and theirs. but when something starts destroying their world, the younger hunters revert to human forn and live on earth for their own safety. the character that i would like to play as is sonton, the hunter of caves. he has a younger brother and sister but ill get to that later.
    Sonton is a dark humored guy with a claw-like scar on his head/cheek. which he keeps covered by his hair most of the time..(more when we plan out things~)

    i understand if this is a lot to take in and you think it would be better somewhere else, but im looking for someone just for Sonton and that's it. ill change things around as you want~ i am open for other thing
  2. I think I'm interested in this RP
  3. okay please pm me~~~
  4. Is this still open?
  5. Yes. Please pm me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.