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Looking for MxM Or GxG

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Sav, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. Hey there! I'm looking for some rp partners I do 1x1s and small group roleplays. All the rps will take place in PM.

    I'm versatile and up for pretty much anything, I love mpreg male lactation so sue me. Lmao. Uh, I've never done a GxG before But I'm more than happy to give it a shot.

    Ideas for both pairings:
    • Older teacher X Troubled Student
    • Teacher X Naughty student
    • Demon X Angel
    • Teen X Older neighbour
    • Inhuman Slave X Master (Can be creature or not)
    • FBI Profiler X Cannibalistic Therapist
    Ugh, people I'm up for ANYTHING. JUST PM ME!!!!!
  2. I might just be interested in the slaveXmaster one, if you're gonna play the master. And it's gXg.
  3. Teen x older neighbor? Gxg
  4. I'd love to do a demon x angel mxm one
  5. I'd love to do a mxm teacher x troubled student rp, if you're still looking :)
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  6. hey there ^^ we do the fangs and fur rp together. I saw this and wondered if you would like to do a MxM rp with me. I have to say I usually do the submissive character... and I have a few ideas that you might like. send me a pm if your interested?
  7. Ohmygoodness I'm so liking the teacher x naughty student! MxM?

    I also love mpreg, let someone sue us.
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  8. Hello, I like all those ideas. I am a submissive though.
  9. I see what you did here....
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  10. Do you now? xD Shoot me a pm?
  11. I'm interested in your Demon x Angel.
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  12. pm meeeeeeeeeee