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  1. hello im looking for a few new rps to do. im open to a lot and im willing to do whatever and learn. i have only a couple rules. 1. no one liners
    2.be honest if you want to change anything.
    3.i would like to do 1 paragraph at least, but if not its ok.
    4. im not great at spelling so i dont expext you to be

    okay so i like the omega universe a ton and want to do more with it
    (can be a viriety of animal mixes and non)

    other ideas i want to do~ any of them can be MxM MxF FxF
    teacher X student
    werewolf X vampire
    bestfriend X bestfriend
    master X slave
    pirate captain X noble
    Pirate X Pirate captain

    again im open to anything else
  2. An FxF Master/slave could be fun
  3. alright that sounds good to me~ pm me please
  4. I am interested in TeacherXStudent, WerewolfXvampire, MasterXSlave, and Pirate captainXnoble, if there are still any spots open/if you are still interested.
  5. of course there's spots open! what one would you really like to do?
  6. I am really interested in MasterXSlave or Pirate CapitainXnoble.
  7. Are you still looking for partners? I'm interested in the werewolfxvampire one :)
  8. alright pm me and well work everything out
  9. of course i alway am!
  10. I'd be up for a MxF Masterx Slave.
  11. MxF or MxM for teacher x student?
  12. okay please pm me
  13. sounds good, please pm me so we can figure it out
  14. Hi I'm intersted in mxf
    Student x teacher
    Master x slave
    Bestfriend x bestfriend
  15. okay please pm me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.