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  1. I have grown bored and need a roleplay to satisfy me. I am looking for a MxF. Something with an interesting plot.
  2. Shall we attempt a reboot of what we had before? o.o Or possibly try to continue it?
  3. can you remind me which one we had last?
  4. that's right. I remember this one. We could do a reboot
  5. Ugh, the work x.x But, alright, if you want to :3
  6. I think a reboot would make more sense.
  7. True. Otherwise we'd both have a LOT of required reading to do.
  8. exactly. do you want to get started? Kind of set the stage, so to speak?
  9. Nah. As was said before, ladies first.
  10. My thanks, kind sir. I'll start one along the same lines
  11. In the meantime, I'm finding something to drink.
  12. No, I just mean something to drink, not alcohol. I avoid alcohol, drugs, etc., in general.
  13. oh. normally I do but I love a good beer now and then.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.