Looking for mxf,mxm, or fxf partners

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  1. Hello everyone, angelic here. I'm a bit bored and would like to rp with new rp buddies. I'll be able to reply when I'm not busy with school or at school. I'll give a heads up if I'm going to be gone somewhere or studying, just check my status.

    I do mxf,(if you can play the male please though I do both), mxm(can be seme or uke), and fxf.

    Assassin x assassin
    College student x college student
    Shy new girl x popular guy
    Nerd girl x bad boy
    Rookie cop x crooked cop
    Master x maid
    Princess x commoner and vice versa
    And I also do furries and some incest rps just not parents x son/daughter

    Pm me or post here please!
  2. I would love to do a college student x college student FxF rp with you ^^
  3. Sure ^^ pm me plz
  4. Hi!
    I've been craving a royalty roleplay, would you be interested in a royal x maid? I'd like to play the maid and have you play a male, but we could do another pair as well where I play a male, if you want.
  5. @angelic sparkle Hi!! I would love to start a Nerd Girl X Bad Boy!! Sounds interesting, and I haven't had a good one so far. And, if it's possible, could I play the nerd girl? ^~^
  6. Hey! I'd be interested in an MxM or FxM rookie cop x crooked cop. I don't care gender wise or anything, I just ask to be the uke ^^
  7. Cool ^^ -hugs-
  8. I'd like to do college student x college student
  9. pm me