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  1. Helloooooo, Iwaku-Art-Section!
    I was lucky enough to be gifted a WACOM bamboo tablet for Christmas well over a year ago and shame shame shame on me for not putting it to use for more than a few doodles posted to a throwaway DeviantArt account.

    So now I'm gonna do something to get me off my own ass and get on practicing and learning to draw again!

    Ya'll are gonna love this...

    Free art!
    That's RIGHT!

    I need practice, you want art. It'll be crappy and done rather quickly. BUT ANYTHING HELPS.
    All you need to do, is message me or post in this thread what you'd like me to doodle sketch draw create for you and yell scream ask politely DEMAND I get to do it for practice sake.

    I said free, not good.

    Found that stupid deviantart thingy with my single upload.
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    I'm sorry, Fiji!
  3. <33333
    I got yo back!

    I want match draw with you LET US BOTH DRAW CTHULHU PONY!! I CHALLENGE US!
    I shall draw it and practice along side you!!
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  4. Give me a picture of a half-starved female gnome looking thoughful with an underlying sense of strength and justice.
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  5. A sideview of the left side of a young man in a grey hoodie, standing on the sidewalk, holding a gas can in his right hand, an open zippo lighter in his left, and looking at the viewer with a malicious smile, if you would, please.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. [​IMG]
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  9. IT's taking me forever to draw CUTHULU PONY T_T you were way faster than me. SOOOOON
  10. Every attempt at drawing a face in the hoodie failed.

    So have some anarchist still life.

    On a sidewalk.

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  11. I like it. XD
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  12. Hmmmm.

    Well, I have a fictional alien species. Just for funzies, I'm curious what image you would come up with based on my no-doubt poor description of it. Head and neck of a dragon, arms and torso of a human, lower body of a huge slug. Skin is blue and slimy all over with a mane of tentacles down the back of the neck. Go! :D
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  13. A young nerdy white male with nerdy glasses and a shirt that says "It's an Iwaku thing, you wouldn't understand"
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  15. Draw a young woman with red eyes and white hair, holding a beer.
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  16. HMMM...

    How about a chaotic setting? Perhaps futuristicish? With robots, cyborgs and all of that good fun stuff. DUN FORGET DAH LAZEHS!
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  17. I know there's been a severe lull in me posting stuff.

    Blame the release of Destiny, ArcheAge, and people not coming in to work!
  18. Draw me Grispen pile driving a heretic in da nutz.
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  19. What if you drew my profile pic, but instead of a Cat, it's a Top Hat... Wearing a Cat. O.o

    If you do this you get bonus points for being awesome.
  20. I've been slacking, but I can sure try!
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