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  1. This is my first time posting a request, so here goes…

    I really want to get into a few more 1x1 RPs. I prefer someone who is active on the site, please, since I can't necessarily say I'm a very patient person. I would like something with some action of some sort... A few things that I've been craving:

    Mafia (open)
    The mafia is brutal. When someone owes them a debt, it won’t be forgiven. Even if that person dies, the debt goes directly to the next person in line for them to pay up. They’re ruthless. They’re not afraid to find where you live and trash your home, stalk you when you’re coming home from work and mug you of your possessions, or even find some way for you to make up the debt in some other way.

    No one challenges the mafia. Not even the police… Then again, what if someone does?

    Insane Asylum (open)
    The loony bin… Crazy house… The cuckoo’s nest… You may call it whatever you want, but people still end up there. Mentally disturbed to starving themselves to suicidal thoughts. Their cries are ignored and they try to keep everyone drugged up so they wouldn’t have to concern themselves about listening to the blather of nonsense that pours out of their mouths. At this place, no one is on a straight and narrow and everyone has their secrets, even the doctors here.

    So what if you end up here? What will your story be?

    Pirates (open)
    The open seas are full of the most ruthless and evil people. Large ships, greedy men and women, jolly rogers, and the works! Everyone steps onto a pirate ship with a story and everyone don’t always make it back to land. Myths and stories fill the seas, going from mouth to mouth of every man, woman, innkeeper, or soldier. There are good pirates and there are bad pirates that take to the seas to seek treasure…

    Who will you be?

    Experiment (open)
    Imagine... Getting up in the morning, going to work, seeing friends, going out to dinner, going home, then ending your day with sleep. One of those boring days that you always didn't really care for. Now it's the happiest memory while people poke and prod you with needles, cut you and test your body for... what exactly? They go on about serums and abilities... About human trials and so on. Imagine not being able to get away from all this, bound by chains or straps or a container.

    Was it to keep them safe or to keep you in? And will you ever escape?

    Warring Countries (open)
    There's always feuds, arguments, and fights. When it comes to rebellion, though, that doesn't come to much around unless a ruler has truly deserved it. The kingdom has fell from being a magnificent gallery of trades and skills and people to a crime ridden place where people only seek for more money and more power to take care of themselves and gain the eye of the royal family. After all, anyone in the favor of royalty would soon be due for being spoiled by them.

    Will you rebel? Will you rule? Or will you be the one person to end this war?

    I’m more for a plot, not just the content, but I’m very sure that the content is bound to be mature. I’m more preferably for (F x M) with myself as the female role since I’ve played mostly female roles through my RPing history. I am willing to experiment with other roles, though, if necessary. I just really want to RP. I’m not entirely into fandoms unless I know the subject VERY well. Then again, they are a rarity for me to begin with.
    So… If interested, feel free to let me know!
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  2. I'd be up for the pirate one? I've been trying to get one started and no takers.
  3. Okie dokie. I'll PM you and we can discuss this further. :D
  4. Added a couple more to the list.
  5. The experiment one, maybe. You've made it sound like the opening to a science-horror story. Can you just say what sort of experimentation you have in mind?
  6. I'm open to anything. I've mostly done special ability where character developed abilities that helped them escape. I've also done one where scientists were trying to find another vessel that can take the blood of a superhuman and all experiments except one so far died from it. If there's any ideas that you have, though, I'm willing to listen... er... read.
  7. I'm thinking of some sort of horrible genetic transformation: a mutation that allows him to adapt to threats or his environment. That would be worth millions to the military. He's changed, only assuming a human form when he's not in danger and unconfined, but able to make himself bigger, stronger, more durable, and essentially a monster. He just wants to escape though, return to some semblance of a normal life, but even with his abilities escape is proving difficult.

    Maybe your female character can be a doctor just assigned to the project, after his initial transformation and while their attempts to replicate his abilities are underway.
  8. Ooh... I like it... I like it a lot. :D
  9. Um, great. Um...what next?
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