looking for more rps.

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  1. So basically what the title says. I have a few rules of course.

    Post at least once or twice a day knowing we all have lives just don't leave me unknowing when you will return.

    At least two good paragraphs of course more would be amazing and I expect once and awhile.

    Share your ideas don't let me take all the control.

    I personal like mxf but am open to mxm or fxf just not as experienced with it.


    Police officer x criminal
    Bodyguard x protectee
    Kidnapper x kidnapped
    Tutor x student
    Celebrity x fan
    Band member x groupie
    Band member x band member
    Dad x daughter
    Brother x sister
    Mother x son
    Cousin x cousin
    Human x neko
    Neko x neko
    Best friend x best friend
    Friend x friends brother
    Detective x murder
    Subcubess x human
    Ghost x human(might have a plot)
    Lust x innocent

    Little fandoms
    Morgan x Penolpe (CSI)
    Murdoch x Julia (Murdoch mysteries)
    Craptree x oc (Murdoch mysteries)

    More will be added

    Ect just ask I'm sure there's others just can't think ATM pm or post here :)
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  2. Im interested in the rebelxgoodie one if your still looking for someone for that rp
  3. Sure but I'm going to bed now which did u want to be
  4. Id like to play the rebel, but if you wanted to I wouldnt mind the goodie.
  5. No that's fine mxf fxf or mxm?
  6. Im personally most comfortable playing MxF just because its what im best at
  7. OK so would you also prefer to be the female?
  8. Im comfortable playing male or female so thats up to you
  9. Well which would u prefer :)
  10. Im interested in the Bodyguard protectee one. Id like to be the female protectee in mxf if u want. Can we discuss plot via pm if you'll have me?
  11. Sure :)
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  12. Well I guess the guy
  13. OK do u want do it through PMS or thread?
  14. I personally prefer thread only because when I do it through pms i always forget to reply.
  15. Yeah that's fine by me :) do u want to start or will I?
  16. Can you start it? Im making dinner for my nephews right now
  17. Yeah sure one more thing real or anime pics
  18. I personaly prefer real ones.
  19. Okay I'll post in a mo just have others I have to reply to
  20. Ok sounds good, take as much time as you need
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