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  1. Gah, I don't have many RP's now, so I'm searching for other people to RP with.

    RP Ideas; I am open to other ideas and I like to work out the plot with my partners:

    -Mass Effect themed RP (Canon or not)
    -Disgraced NoblexNoble
    -Bounty HunterxVigilante
    -Some sort of Sci-Fi themed RP (I'm really into sci-fi right now)
    -Any adaptation on fairy tales
    -Any other ideas you want to share with me

    RP Plot Ideas (If more than one person is interested in these, I can make them into a small group RP):
    -A small group of misfits travel through the wilds of Skyrim as they battle dragons, Stormcloaks, Imperials, bandits, etc. All have done something in the past, but all want to atone for their past.
    -A young human woman has been traumatized after witnessing the death of her team. A group of aliens have taken her in and now she hacks systems for their crimes while being the only girl of the group. Though she's getting close to her new team, she feels closer to one particular crew member...
    -A slave has been sold to an alien master. (this one I'm willing to do a mature RP on)

    I don't require much, but:

    -If you need to be away for a while or want to leave the RP completely, please let me know so I don't keep waiting on you.
    *This is the only requirement I have*

    Oh, and one more thing.

    I'd be considered in the adult mature forum, so I won't do mature RPs with anyone under 18. I'm not gonna get into trouble with it.

    Thanks for reading :)
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  2. Hi! I'd love to do either one of these :CaptivexCaptor or SlavexMaster.

    Which character would you want to be if we did them?
  3. I usually let my partners pick which character they want. I'm not choosy, anyway :)

    PM me and we can discuss it
  4. Hey~ I would really enjoy it if you'd rp with me.I liked your adventurer x adventurer idea or just any romance idea in general but I'd loved to do them with you.
  5. All right, @innocent devil. I'll PM you about the adventurerxadventurer plot idea
  6. The Skyrim one, ftw
  7. Hi :)) I'd love to roleplay the Disgraced NoblexNoble & Bounty HunterXVigilante ~

    Erm, one question.. Do you prefer MxM, FxF or MxF?

    Also, the two group RP ideas seem interesting as well; I don't mind joining even though I've not played Skyrim before.. I watched my brother played it so I think I kinda know what it's like.
  8. @Damien Nyr PM me
    @~phantasmagoricStoner~ I prefer MxF RP's. Pm me about the Noble and bounty hunter ones and we can discuss it.
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