Looking for more 1x1 RP partners (F please)

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  1. As the title says... I'm looking for some people to RP with.

    I will be playing Male if it's MxF... OR FutaxFemale

    Well lets start off by saying I'm willing to do a MxF pairing or FxF or FutaXFemale but I usually like MxF better! I like to get creative with my characters in my RPs... SOOOOOO they are mostly anthros (I just think human RPs can be so boring sometimes... if you need me to describe what my characters look like feel free to ask before hand.) depending on the RP. I will try to reply once a day or more if we are both on at the same time. I'm almost always on skype so if we RP enough and you wanna start using that because you enjoy RPing with me sooooo much and can't wait for that next post.

    All I really ask out of my partner is that they
    1. use some sort of OOC when not in character
    2. No chat speak in the RP unless the character is actually saying something such as "Lol"
    3.IDC how literate you are or arn't... just give me something to work with (if you can) and I'll be happy.I understand one liners happen because things can't be thought of but if you're only posting once a day or every other day then I want more.
    4. Not just smut but can be mostly if ya want it... it needs some story after all because i want long term RPs XD
    5.Be creative and have fun because I'm more of a passive RPer >.>

    Roleplays I'm looking for

    -SlavexMaster(this will be Medi-Fantasy and I'll be playing Slave.)
    -Rune Factory (I like making OCs though.I love the games way to much XD)
    -Medieval Fantasy
    -Modern Fantasy
    -Future Fantasy (spaceships and stuffs are awesome :P)

    I love me some fantasy RPs!

    Some Forbidden love RPs
    -brother x sister
    -Cousin x Cousin
    -Sister x Sister
    I know I'm forgetting some so i'll add more as I think of them.

    I may wanna do some suggestions(if it's not on my list) cuz I can't think of any other RPs I wanna do at the moment. Sorry for the short list of RPs though :(

    Oh! I almost forgot to mention that I like to RP using PMs x.x

    Anywho feel free to inbox me if you're interested and post any questions you have here or inbox me the questions... either way is fine :D
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  2. Hi I'm willing to do a slaveXmaster or medieval RP, I write in small paragraphs and prefer to be a female if that's alright.
  3. hm... both sound good! PM me and we will talk about it there if you want to.
  4. I'm looking for some more partners again! didn't wanna make a new thread x.x
  5. I's still be a lookins :P
  6. I rp with u if your still looking :)
  7. yus just PM me. I g2g atm though i'll be back on later I hope D:
  8. I like the brother x sister or Rune Factory. I just got into the series!
  9. Didn't you just up and stop replying to the last RP we had going??
  10. Oh hey! I didn't realize the name XD I thought we broke it off because we didn't know where to go with it. Anyways Don't mind me. You don't have to accept me XD I can't blame you if you don't want to.
  11. I dun remember maybe we did call it off... meh whatever if you wanna try again i'm more then willing.
  12. Eh If you've got a good idea I'm game.
  13. Nope nothing for an idea at the moment XD

    Think I got a stomach bug so... i'm kinda bleh atm and no ideas be a tickin in me head x.x
  14. Then don't worry about it. I've been fighting sinuses and allergies.
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