Looking for members for Riverside High

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  1. Riverside High!!!

    Welcome to Riverside High! This private school is filled with only the best of the best, mostly snobby rich kids. Some students manage to get in on a scholarship. This school is pretty active with all kinds of different sports and clubs. The school has won plenty of drama awards, sport awards, and music awards. Recently, however, there have been a series of missing students. As usual, classes would continue but as time goes on, the bodies are found with their stomachs cut open and their innards removed never to be found. Its as if their innards have been eaten by some kind of creature. Then suddenly, teachers and students have been acting strangely. They weren't acting like themselves. They would disappear and then show up weeks later covered in blood and crying. Days after, they would turn up dead after killing themselves. Whatever happened to them must have been terrible. The deaths have been happening more and more lately. Can the students of Class 2-A discover what's happening to their school and stop it or will they just be another mutilated body buried in a mass grave.

    If this kinda role play interests you, you can find it here.