Looking for Medieval Vampires and other Beasties

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  1. Like the title states, I'm looking for a Medieval setting with Vampires and Creatures galore. I hope to discuss plot ideas and everything else to build this story with anyone interested.
  2. Interested as well!
  3. Alrighty, well to start as a way for me to brainstorm, what are you guys looking for in a story to play. Example, are you looking for a horror, mystery or a romance...or a little of both?
  4. For me horror and/or mystery are definitely what I'm looking for, with romance being a fun optional bonus.
  5. Okay, so next I was thinking we keep the critters on a short list. So Vampires are a yes, werewolves maybe. Any other creatures you guys would like to see as well?
  6. Maybe Gargoyles or Griffin?
  7. Gargoyles could be really cool. More humanoid or the beasty kind.
  8. Yesh. Gargoyles and Griffins, maybe have both humanoid and more beastly kind, depending on their origins.

    And what about dragons, smaller ones that can take human form, with large ones being rare and possibly legends? Dragon was my first thought when I saw beasties in the title. xD
  9. Same xD

    How about Tatzelwurm's :D (catsnakes)
  10. Interesting. I'm game for Tatzelwurm's. Never heard of them (thank you google) but sounds fun.
  11. @Lonewolf888978, What exactly is that? I've never heard about it.
    @Keiga, I could go with mini-dragons. How small we talking about, like a cow?
  12. I call it a Cat-Snake :D

  13. Well, I'll be back in the morning, hopefully with new ideas. Night night
  14. cat-snakes.. love it.

    Night night!

    And yes about cow size dragons.
  15. @Lonewolf888978 , so read a bit into your Tazelwurm and wondered should we have it like a monster encounter? Also, it sounds similar to a Basilisk. It just has acid blood instead of petrifying gaze, still pretty cool.

    So, to list our critters so far:

    Also what characters are you guys interested in playing? Learning about them could help me out as well.
  16. XD

    The reason why I suggested the dragonkind bit.

    My planned characters are a toss up between a dragonkind female and a male vampire.

    Both, probably, if that would be allowed.
  17. As long as you can keep the two personas separate, then I don't have any problem with you playing more than one character.
  18. The nature of the game we create depends on this as well. I'll know for sure once we get things a little more formed. And yes, they are completely different. No worries there.
  19. Well, I had in mind for my character was a young witch with a talent of psychometry.
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