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Looking for mature partners <3

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Ciri, Mar 16, 2015.

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  1. Welcome to my search! <3

    About me:

    I am 20 years old
    I rp regularly, and have been for six years now
    I love comics, gaming and manga and anime <3
    Fave Anime: Naruto, Sengoku Basara, Legend of K orra
    Fave Mangas: Kindan No Koi De Ikou & Naruto
    Fave Movies: The Avengers, Big Hero 6
    Fave TV Shows: Supernatural, Arrow, Gotham, Marvel Agents Of SHIELD
    Fave Games: Far Cry, Tomb Raider, Skyrim, Devil May Cry

    What I expect:

    Regular replies
    I do not accept one liners, but I accept semi bad grammar (No text language)
    If you rp with me you must be willing to be dom as well as sub.
    Double ups ^^

    Things I love:
    Love Futa’s (Am wanting to find a futa partner <3 <3)
    Romance! <3

    All my characters I have appearances for are linked on the pairings to give you an idea and there will be a mix of Realistic and Anime


    High School Futa girl x high school girl <3
    Teacher x Student
    best friend x best friend
    Vampire x Human
    Commander x Mechanic
    Demon Hunter x Half Demon
    Alien x Half Breed


    The Avengers
    Sengoku Basara <3 <3
    Legend Of Korra <3 (Asami x Korra)
    Avatar Legend of Aang
    Avtar The movie
    Full metal Alchemist
    Treasure Planet
    Naruto (looking for a Kakashi) <3 <3
    Far Cry
    Vampire Knight
    InuYasha <3 <3
    BioShock Infinite
    Final Fantasy
    Teen Titans <3
    Kingdom Hearts <3 <3
    Gurren Lagan
    Fairy Tail
    Jak Series <3 <3
    Devil May Cry <3 <3 <3
    Darker Than Black
    Innocent Venus
    Death Note
    Star Wars
    Assassins Creed
    Resident Evil
    Howls Moving Castle
    The Wolf Among us <3 <3
    Tomb Raider <3

    If you are interested please comment below <3 or pm me!! <3
  2. Don't do fandoms, though I love a lot of the ones you posted. Would like to try futa schoolgirl with you maybe.
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  3. Yay! Please pm me <3
  4. The Commander x Mechanic pairing looks interesting. Could you explain the idea a bit more?
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  5. interested in Best Friend X Best Friend
    Maybe we can make it a love triangle and include a futa girl
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  6. Possibly interested in doing a Star Wars one. Which era do you prefer?
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  7. @Zerofighter

    Sorry this took forever (had my 21st and my brother's 11th) I'm keen for that! Pm me.

    @Emperor of Gallifrey

    I'm up for anything really. I was thinking... (goodness my brain has gone blank T.T) pm me and we can sort something out
  8. I PM'd you.
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