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  1. I am really craving some Marvel cinematic universe plots.

    -Must be 18+ (No exceptions)
    -Posting speed : I tend to post everyday but sometimes I do get busy and can only post once a week. If I will be absent I will let you know and I expect the same of you.
    -Post length : I just ask that there are no one-liners.

    I'm not looking for X-men at this time but any other Marvel movie I am up for. I have a fair amount of plot ideas and would be happy to hear yours as well.

    I also have a few ideas for Civil War.
  2. Any interest in Marvel TV? Specifically, Daredevil?
  3. I consider Marvel TV part of the universe. So Yes I will do the shows as well if I have seen them. I haven't watched Daredevil yet.
  4. Fair enough. Let me know when you've seen Daredevil. I'd love to work with you on something. Unless you want to go n a whim?
  5. @DebonaireNerd Sometimes I will go on a whim. Daredevil is not one of them. I'll try to watch it and get back to you.
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  6. I'll be ready whenever you are.

    Thanks again.
  7. I too have been craving something Marvel related, and would be more than happy to get something started. I'd be interested in hearing your plot ideas.
  8. @Dipper I am so sorry. I never got an alert. Please PM me!
  9. Hey there! I'd be up for something with MCU. Just watched Civil War and I'm PUMPED.
  10. That movie was awesome! Please send me a PM.
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