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  1. Hello! :3 I'm looking for a few new role plays!

    •I will only play female. Unless we're doubling. But, if we're not doubling, then I will only play the female role. So, obviously, no MxM. I will do MxF and FxF. I would rather not do a FxF right now, though. I'd really rather not double unless the plot is good enough.
    •I love, love, love having romance in my role plays. I rarely will do an RP without it. Sorry!
    •I prefer at least one paragraph for a reply. That is how much I will give, and sometimes I might do more. No one liners, please. Once in a while, would be fine, but not every single post, please. I do about two paragraphs for an intro. I don't like doing novels, since it is about having fun.
    •For genres, I like doing modern role plays. I don't enjoy historical, or scifi, or anything like that. Also, I like playing teenage roles. So, anything where I can play that.
    •As for my characters, I tend to play the submissive type. I could try to play the dominant role, but I don't know if I can. I can surely try, though, if you want me to.
    •Please tell me if you want to quit, or are going away for a while, or if you want to make things more interesting.
    •I pretty much have no limits. I sometimes would like to fade to black if I'm not really feeling it, though.
    •I do like to add pregnancy in a lot of my plots.
    •I don't really have ideas for most of these, so we'd have to come with something together...
    •I got a new Windows 8 laptop and I can't really get internet at my own house.
    What I don't role play:
    Fandoms, books, movies, scifi, historical, most fantasy, animals, etc.
    What I do role play:
    ()'s= Role I'd like playing. More *'s= more I want
    Teacher x (Student)
    Vampire x (Human) (Must have good plot!!!)
    Brother x (Sister)
    Father x (Daughter)*
    Mother x (Daughter)
    Cousin x Cousin
    Step x Step
    Bad boy x (Good girl)
    Kidnapper x (Kidnapped)
    Some guy x (Runaway girl)***
    Abusive boyfriend x (Abused Girlfriend)**** (No idea why, but I want to try this one...)
    Expectant teenage parents** (Pregnant girl)
    Anything High school***
    Or maybe like a love triangle type thing? (MM(F),MF(F))***
    Husband's best friend x (Wife)****
    Husband x (Wife's best friend)***
    Maybe something like the Flowers in the Attic series?***
    Young soldier coming home for the first time in a few years x (his young Girlfriend)*****
    Online Relationship**
    I'm really craving a teen pregnancy mixed with an abusive relationship!!!!!!!!!
    Umm... That's all I can think of... Just suggest! The worst I can do is say no!
    PM me if you're interested!
  2. I'd be interested in doing the young soldier coming home for the first time in a few years x his young girlfriend as long as we can do doubling
  3. Vampire X human?
  4. Always looking for partners!
  5. Updated what I do.
  6. Anyone interested at all? D: