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  1. Hello people of Iwaku! My name is Summer Nights, but you may call me Summer if you'd like! I'm looking to increase the amount of roleplays that I have, so I joined this site. Since I joined recently, I only have one character up so far (that will likely change once one is needed though!) I am looking for MxM rather than FxM, but I can do that as well if I feel up to it! I am also hoping to do these roleplays in the private messages, rather than in a thread. If a thread is wanted, then so be it~

    Here are a few rules to keep in mind:
    • I am looking for players who can write more than two paragraphs, and around four on average. I don't want any oneliners, or anything less than a single strong paragraph (which is roughly ten sentences or more, which is normally how much I will do for a given paragraph!)
    • I have this strange thing recently which affects my roleplaying. I lack the motivation to start and/or continue a roleplay at times! It's like consistent writer's block, and lasts from anywhere from a few minutes to a month. Yeah, scary for a roleplayer! (What I am trying to say is I am looking for someone who is willing to wait for my reply and not get antsy if I don't post within a week or so if I am going though one of those phases :( )
    • I am preferably looking for male players who play dominant characters. I am willing to play with a female player if they are able to play their male like I am looking for (which I don't seem to see often enough D: )

    That seems to be about it to be honest. Below is what I am looking for in characters. Whatever is in bold is the role that your character would be. Whatever is italicized would be the role that I would be wanting. Whatever is both bold and italicized would be the roles that either my character would play or your character would play.

    School Setting
    Teacher X Student
    Student X Student
    Professor X College Student

    Work Setting
    X Employee
    Boss X Intern
    Employee X Intern

    Bartender X Waiter

    Home Setting
    Single Father X Babysitter
    Single Father X Work Friend
    Single Father X Family Friend
    Single Father X Son/Daughter
    Uncle X Nephew/Niece
    Brother X Brother/Sister
    Older Brother X Younger Brother/Sister
    Twin Brother X Twin Brother/Sister
    Cousin X Cousin

    Teen X Neighbor
    Teen X Runaway

    I will add onto this list as I see fit~

    A note about Home Setting: Most of the ideas in this setting are incest related, BUT, sex is NOT a part of it. It may become part of the roleplay, but it is NOT the focus. It is more so for an interesting romance idea, rather than a father/uncle taking advantage of their family members. I prefer my incest sweet and amazing, not creepy and full of rape. You have been warned~

    If you have any ideas for any of these ideas, feel free to PM them to me, or comment it down below for others to see. I of course have plots in mind for most of these ideas (hence why I listed them) so if you are curious, feel free to ask.

    Lastly, I hope that I posted this in the correct forum! >.<

    Note: Both the Brother X Brothers have been filled, yet I am still willing to fill said pairings if anyone is wanting them.
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  2. Update: I am still looking for partners for this, and I have updated the list of pairings by crossing out the ones that have already been filled and I'm not looking to do. I also encourage you to come to me with an unique idea or pairing if that is what you wish, since I am a very open person (so long as you don't approach in a rude manner...)
  3. I'm still searching for players, so feel free to leave me a message! :bubble:
  4. Was on hiatus for about a week or two there. But I am back! Also looking for more partners!

    Currently Craving:

    Student X Teacher/Student. As well as anything under family!
  5. Hey, would you like to do a FatherxSon role play with me?
  6. If you can play a dominant male character, I'm willing to give you a shot. :)
  7. Okay! :D I'll PM you.
  8. I'm still looking for partners, but my response time is pretty slow regardless of the roleplay!

    Note: If a paring is already taken, I'm willing to take up another if the idea is good enough!
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