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  1. Why hello there!

    My name is Wolfie, or as I now normally go by, Sightless. I'm female and openly pansexual/bisexual, and I am looking for people to roleplay as male characters because GOD am I bored of playing male, and am craving some MxF right now. Most roleplays I take part in have been abandoned by my partners, mostly because they have stopped replying out of nowhere or suddenly lost interest and (as of writing this) I only really have one good roleplay going on.

    Let change that, shall we?

    Bits of information you might wanna read.

    As said before i'm bi/pan, if that bothers you, could you do me a favour and (to put it kindly) fuck off. If my sexuality bothers you I will refuse to roleplay with you, I don't like homophobic people.

    I can also be very talkative (typative) at times, though sometimes I'm very shy. FUN FACT!: You can tell how much I like you by how much I talk to you and how open I am. Though I have the habit of getting off track at times. If that happens, internet bitch slap me please.

    Okay now onto the plot I have in mind.

    Plot 1 (open)

    Victim of Stalking x Victim's enemy

    Character A decides to stand up for the school creeper when he's getting bullied, they didn't expect the male to become obsessed with them though. He starts to stalk them and so Character A turns to somebody they never thought they would ask to help them. Character B.

    Character A and Character B have hated eachother since the start of school, nobody really knows why though, they just never got along. So Character B is surprised when Character A approaches them, looking nervous and slightly terrified. When they agree to help Character A they certainly don't expect to fall in love with them, which sparks and odd relationship between the two.

    Plot 2 (open)

    Killer x Fan

    Character A is a well known killer that has always been able to slip away from the police, leaving them to see the gruesome scene left behind. Character B is a troubled college student living with abusive parents, they were always the 'odd' one and even now they were in college they still got bullied. Then they find out about Character A and become obsessed with them, finding a crazy joy in their 'art'. When Character B finds Character A, the killer is flattered to have a fan, so instead of killing them they decide to take Character B under their wing.

    What starts off as a Master and Protege relationship quickly evolves into something more, with Character A becoming very possessive of Character B, sparking an dangerous relationship between the two thats filled with violence.

    (This could probably be smut as well)

    (Will be updated later, I have shit to do right now)
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  2. hey there, just dropped on by to say I'm interested in rping either one of these plots with ya, but in my opinion, the 2nd on sounds better
  3. They are actually the same plot. I'll PM you later though.
  4. Would you be willing to listen to an idea I've got?
    Well, part of a plan.
    Twelve percent of a plan.
    Alright, it's barely a concept, but the base is still there.
  5. I think I would be interested
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