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  1. HEY! I had a dream about this really old roleplay idea and it has been literally the only thing I can think of. So I am putting it out there so I can get it off my brain.

    Here is the plot:

    This takes place in modern day Japan in the made up city of Shiroku, just at the base of the scared mountain, Mount Gyazā. My character, Tanaka Yukina, is your average seventeen year old third year high school student. She is not the top of her class, though no where near the bottom, and doesn't participate in after school activities or clubs. She is known for being quiet, serious, and cold towards others that disrupts her concentration. Because of this, she doesn't have many friends. She never minded though. She lives at the Tanaka Temple, which her ancestors tended. Her uncle now owns the shrine, but because of back problems, can not make it up the stone stairs. So, Yukina lives alone. Yukina tends the shrine in exchange for staying there. Being a miko (shrine priestess), she spends her days, when not in school, making charms, telling fortunes, and cleaning the area. She is happy with her little life and never wanted it to change. Well, like in any good story, of course things change. Winter is leaving now and finales and graduation are just around the round the corner. Also around the corner is Yukina's eighteenth birthday. A few weeks before her birthday, she starts to notice a strange man has following her around. At first she writes it off as a coincidence, but soon he starts appearing up more and more at places where Yukina visits. What Yukina doesn't know is that this strange man is actually something called a yōkai, a demon from Japanese folk lore. You see, there is a legend about the rebirth a completely pure soul that has the ability to give ultimate power to the yōkai that holds claim to them. It's said when this person turns eighteen, their powers unleashes. Their blood can heal sick yōkai and a clan that has her married into them, will live and prosper for thousands of years. It is also said that any yōkai that eat their flesh can live forever. And what Yukina is about find out is that she is this pure soul and her life is about to get a little crazy. One night, a week before her birthday, as Yukina was closing down the temple shop, the man attacked her. She screamed for help and suddenly a young man steps in, claiming that Yukina was his bride and no one was going to touch her....

    Who is this man and what lies in the future for Tanaka Yukina?

    The character I am looking for:
    I am looking for someone the play the man that I mention at the very end (the one that saves her). This man is also a yōkai. He appears to be in his early twenties but is actually many years older. He is the current head of his clan (how he got that way is up to you) and wants to make Yukina his bride, for obvious reasons (and then some other secret intentions). There are many types of yōkai, as you can guess, and I will leave it up to you what kind of yōkai he is. I just ask you to make him a obake or shapeshifting yōkai. These are your Kistunes and Tengus that are commonly known in anime and manga. They are yōkai that look like they are human but are actually spirit animals, such as foxes and birds. When fighting, the obake can use the powers, as well as weapons, of the creature they are. (Ex: Tengu can grow wings because they are crows) I prefer the obakes Kitsune (foxes), Ōkami (wolves), Bakeneko (cats), Inugami (dogs), and Tengu (crows). Other than that I leave it up to you for personality and such. If you have any questions about the yōkai and such, don't not be afraid to ask. I am happy to help.

    The Relationship I am looking for:
    As in any romance roleplay, the relationship between the two main characters is key. In an ideal world, I want Yukina and the male yōkai to have met before in the past, when they were young and such. That way he can have more of a claim on her than any other yōkai. Yukina is usually cold towards people at first, so the male yōkai's claim over her is not going to well at first. But as Yukina learns that the male yōkai just wants to protect her, she will warm up to him. I kind of want the male yōkai to love her already and seriously wants to give her the best, but that is up to you. Before we start, I want to discuss this.

    The partner I am looking for:
    I am looking for a long term partner for this. Someone that can post at least three times a week. I work so there may be days I may not be able to post so I will understand days where you can not post. Just let me know if it's going to be for extended time. This roleplay has a lot of build up for it so I want someone that will take the time to work with me to make the best of this roleplay. Lastly, I want a adv. lit. partner. I want someone who is descriptive and will give me a lot of work with. If you could give me a post sample, that would be great. I also want an adult partner (red star) because I want there to eventually be some explicit scenes between the two but not until much later in the roleplay.

    I am going to post some info about my character and such in another post after this, since this one is getting a little long. Pm if you are interested. Hope to hear from you soon!
  2. You do not need to make a character sheet for your character (especially one this big). I just made one for fun.
    Yukina Tanaka Character Sheet (open)

    Full Name: Yukina Tanaka
    Nickname(s): Yuki-chan
    Nickname Background: No one calls her that except the children at the temple. Death glares to anyone that does that isn’t under the age of 10
    Birth date: March 18th
    Birth place: Shiroku, Japan
    Age: 17
    Zodiac/Astrological signs: Pisces
    Blood type: AB
    Religious Values: Shintoism

    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’5”
    Weight: 111
    Body type: Small frame, not stick thin
    Race/Species: Japanese Human
    Eye color and Shape: Typical Asian eye, hooded, abnormal blue color
    Hair color and Style: Stick straight hair stopping just below her shoulder blades, bangs cut straight across, raven black
    Skin tone and type: Normally very pale, gets a little color in the warmer seasons from working outside at the temple
    Favored Clothing Style: Simple, non-flashy clothing, uniforms
    Why?: Likes to keep things clean and to the point
    Least Favored Clothing Style: Extreme frilly clothing
    Why?: Too over the top for her
    Important/Usual Accessories: Her messenger bag has a two charms from her temple. There is one for luck and one for health.
    Other Marks: Has a strange birth mark on her lower back on the right side, along her hip bone. Looks like a muddy, messy version of the kanji for ‘pure heart’
    Predominant Features: Harsh, cold eyes
    Visual Health Level: Alive. Maybe a little anemic
    Spending Habits: Rarely spends money. Spends it mostly on the temple

    Alignment: Good
    Occupation: Mieko at Takana Temple
    Love Interest(s): Had a crush on her old childhood friend, doesn’t know if that really matters now
    Likes: her temple, nature, cute things, cooking
    Dislikes: People who disrespect her temple, my step-father, persistent boys
    Fears: To be forced to live the life her mother demands from her, getting her heart broken again
    Wishes: To live a life that she loves
    Personality: Yukina is known for being quiet, serious, and cold towards others that disrupts her concentration. Not much for small talk, she doesn't talk to other unless she is spoken to or seeks something. When asked about herself, she doesn't want to talk about it. She doesn't like to talk about her feelings. She keeps many things bottled up, in fear she will be hurt again. This personality is mostly a ploy to keep people from pushing to get to know her more. At the temple is where her true personality shines. As a miko, she is very reserved and serious about her work. She quite friendly and acts kindly towards others that seek peace at the temple and is willing to help others. She stills tries to keep her feelings to herself but if it helps someone, she willing to talk or do anything for them Her soft side is reserved for close friends, family, and small children
    Favorite Color and Why: Pale pink for the cherry blossoms the bloom around the temple
    Favorite Music and Why: J-pop because the happy melodies calm her
    Food: crepes and cake
    Hobbies: Making charms
    Favorite Childhood Memory: Visiting the temple and being with her childhood friend

    Song: Hello/How are You? - Nanou [Listen]
    How do they taste: sweet and fruity
    How do they smell: Sweet
    Character Flaws: Tsundere
    Mannerisms: Resting bitch face and glares
    Darkest Secret and Who Knows About it: Kind of wants to fall in love with someone but she would never tell anyone
    Personal Triggers: Talking about her parents

    Family Members, and relationship with each:
    Maya Noguchi - Mother – Fights constantly, doesn’t hate her, but hates her decisions.
    Kikunojo Noguchi -Step Father – Hates him
    Shuji Takana- Father – Completely unknown to her
    Old Man Kenchi - Uncle – friendly, he understand her situation
    (Will depend on you if you want the characters to have a background together but here is the minimum)
    - Born to a fairly rich family
    -Use to visit the temple during the summer during her childhood and fell in love with it
    -Stopped going there before she started middle school, when her parents marriage started to get rocky.
    -During middle school, her parents divorced and her father move away to America
    -Her mother remarried to a man who Yukina despises.
    -Decided to go to a high school near the temple from her childhood to get away from them
    -Lives at the temple alone (Her uncle has back problems and getting up the temple stairs is hard)
    -Works at the temple in exchange for living quarters and has a small income to buy food for herself.

    Here is a terrible map of the Takana Temple
    Map (open)
    The pink are cherry blossom trees. The back of the shrine leads up to the mountain, which is said to be where Kami gather.
    Red Line – Torii (temple gate)
    Striped squares – stone stairs
    Gray box – Sando (approach to the shrine)
    Gray circle – Toro (lanterns)
    1 – Stall that sells charms and gives out wooden plaques for prayers and wishes
    2 – Haiden (place of prayer. Where you throw your coin in and ring the bell)
    3 – Ema (where wooden plaques are hung)
    4 – Building used for recreational purposes (festival performances)
    5 – House of the temple caretakers.
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