Looking for male to play ninja assassin

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  1. I have been bouncing back and forth with this idea for a while. It is a mix between adventure/action and romance.

    It's feudal Japan and the Minamoto Clan has take over most of Japan with his army's. The leader of the clan Yoritomo rules with an iron fist. With killings and villages getting burned off the map his family rebels.

    His cousin Yoshitsune of the Taira Clan decideds to form an army to take down the Minamoto clan once and for all. Most are worried as he has decided to only send out 8 assassins to do the job. He has also decided he will fight along with his assassins.

    As they set off they all split up to see how much damage has been done nearby. When one of his assassins finds a girl passed out in the meadows. When he wakes her he finds out she has no memory. Soon her finds out that the Minamoto Clan are trying hard to get ahold of the girl for reasons no one knows.

    When he brings her back to the yoshitsune he tells the assassin he wants to keep her around till they find out her purpose. He asks the assassin to watch over her and to take care of her. Which leads to a crazy journey.

    I do ask that you post frequently. I am on every day unless something drastic comes up. I also ask that you post at least two paragraphs. Besides that I'm not too picky. I am pretty flexible to deal with. If you have any questions please feel free to message me. :)
  2. I would be willing to do this. I love Feudal Japan era type things ^^
  3. Great Ill send you a message.
Thread Status:
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